Model Railroads
PRR Chartiers Branch

I am modeling the Chartiers Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad set in the summer of 1924, in S-scale, with engines powered by batteries.

October 23, 2020
Coal tipple update: exterior corrugation progress:
95 of ~375 sheets = 25%.

(click for larger view)

October 16, 2020
Coal tipple update: exterior corrugation progress:
65 of ~375 sheets = 17%.

October 9, 2020
Coal tipple update: more corrugated sheathing installed (33 of ~375 sheets = 9%), with some extra how-to photos (see photos here).

October 2, 2020
Coal tipple update: started installing corrugated sheathing.

September 25, 2020
Finished building the scratchbuilding materials storage cabinet. Coal tipple update: roofing support installed (see photos here). The one page for that structure was getting too long, so split it up into several pages.

September 18, 2020
Coal tipple update: continued to wait for delivery of needed supplies, and continued to work on a cabinet for storing scratchbuilding supplies.

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