Model Railroads

Locale: Chartiers Branch
Prototype: Pennsylvania Railroad
Era: Summer of 1924
Scale: S (1:64)
Power: S-CAB Battery Power

Friday, September 14, 2018
The track gang is moving along. I decided to install the inside rail of Track #3 first, so that I could define the boundaries of the crossover turnouts #4 and #5 (from Track #2 to #3). A temporary outside rail is used to use the track-spacer jig. Then, the rail gauges are used to actually position the inside rail that is currently being installed. This photo shows all the tools I use to lay the rail. The toothpick points to the right where the last completed tie plate is (glue is hard to see).

(click for larger view)

Sunday, September 9, 2018
Turnout #3 is finished. The throwbar will be dealt with later. The plan is to do all the throwbars when all the rail is down. Turnout #3 leads directly into turnout #4, so back at it again. Let's see if I can do that in less than a month!

(click for larger view)
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