Model Railroads

Overall Objective
Model, in S-scale, the PRR Chartiers Branch during the summer of 1950, run with battery-powered engines.

Recent Web Site Updates:
January 20, 2018:
  Layout ties are completed.
January 20, 2018:
  Magazine index updated.
December 30, 2017:
  Rerailer version 3a.
December 27, 2017:
  Trackwork starting.

Projects Awaiting My Attention:
Make coal mine tipple foundations.
Ballast track.
Complete track work.
Paint PRR H30 hopper.
Install S-CAB in caboose.

Active Project:
January 22, 2018: As shown in the January 20th entry above, I have completed the laying of the ties. This past weekend I sanded the ties (only one came loose). Today, I got started on applying stain to the ties ("creosoting them!"). I hate the stench, but it has to be done.

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