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I bought one N.J. International "Branch Line Switch Stand" (part # 4912). It is labeled for "S-scale". I didn't realize this when I first got it, but when I was thinking about trying to make it fit on one of my turnouts, I thought it was kind of big. I had already concluded that its throw range is quite long. When I first started building my S-scale layout I was entertaining the idea of manually throwing my turnouts. When I got this switch stand, I realized that that wasn't going to work, and so I went back to using the Circuitron Tortoises. When I placed the switch stand near my turnout, I thought it looked a little big. I never thought about measuring it, so I did. This "little" branch line switch stand is almost seven scale feet high!!! Now, I have never measured an actual switch stand, but something that is taller than me by about 6 inches isn't very usable in the real world, I would think. I flipped the ruler over and measured it against the O-scale side and it comes out to 5 feet in 1:48 scale. That's more reasonable, but still a bit tall, I think. My point is, this thing is flagged for S-scale, but it seems way too big to me. I recently noticed that HO layout builders are using the N.J. International N-scale switch stands because they think the HO ones are too big. My suggestion is that if you are interested in these, buy an HO-scale one and test it out before you invest a lot of money in these things. They are quite pricey. The other reason for this page is that I could find no information about this item on the Internet, other than for the N.J. International's web site. When I asked on the Yahoo S-scale mailing list, I got no response. Either people already know that this item is not to scale, or nobody is using them.
N.J. International Switch Stand