PRR FA-2/FB-2 - Remotor
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If you have already read my S-CAB conversion article about this engine, you will have noticed that the stock American Models engines came with a Mabuchi RS-385SH motor. After online research I discovered that these are motors used in hairdryers. In other words, they get up to speed really quickly. What I discovered was that at speed-step "1", the engine moved at a reasonable speed (not "switching" kind of speed, but perhaps slow for a road-going engine). At speed-step "2" it was significantly faster. Beyond that, it ran at toy-train speeds! I played around with the adjustable CVs of the decoder, but nothing really helped. After e-mailing with Neil Stanton about my situation, he recommended that I consider replacing the motor. Dave, of NWSL, reached the same conclusion. I stripped my engine of all of its S-CAB components, and sent Dave the bare frame with old motor. It took a couple of months, but I eventually got my frame back as shown in these photos.
Dave installed the NWSL 20x32 motor in it (part #2032D-9), which has the double shafts. The motor is rated at 9,500rpm at full voltage. Dave highly recommended installing two flywheels, but I opted for only one, because I need the space above the rear area for the S-CAB double battery. The flywheel fits the 2mm motor shafts, and has an 18mm diameter and is 11mm wide (part #406-6). The universal connectors were two that Dave needed to custom-make for this engine (part #492-6). Parts were $39, and labor was about $50. If I were to do another one like this, I would just do it myself and save the labor cost. Shipping was $12.95. I think Dave used his HO-scale "Re-power KIT w/2032 motor" (see link above).

The installation was done neatly, and a quick test with a 9V battery proved that it worked. I now need to re-install the S-CAB system and then I'll report on whether or not it improved the performance of this engine.