PRR FM - References

Prototype References

Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars
I did not have a copy of this book when I built my models, hence some of the corrections noted in the texts.

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania Photos
These are photos I took at the museum six months after I completed my three cars.

PRR FM Flat Car Information
Contains links to several photos, both prototype and model.

PRR #473389
Shown with LCL containers.

PRR #939777
Shown with a load of transformers.

Model References

External Reference:
If you have any potential interest in building an accurate model of this car, go to this web site and immediately download to your computer all the fantastic high-resolution photos of this beautiful model. This is what I used as my main guide if I couldn't find prototype information. Use my company's free software application, FRSPhotoGrabber (see link above, right), to download the collection of images (once you find out their naming convention for the hi-rez photos).

Mount Vernon Shops HO-scale FM decals
You can ask for the S-scale version of these decals; $6 per set which does one car.

Bill Lane's S-scale model
Shows the Funaro & Camerlengo kit built-up.

Bill Lane's O-scale model
Shows a LCL container-carrying model.

Fine Art Models 1:32 scale model
Large-scale models of brass construction, showing various loads.

Build a Pennsy Flatcar from Scratch
Model Railroader October 1977 article by John R. Porter, pg 81, showing how to scratch-build a PRR FM flat car.