PRR N6b - Prototype Information
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As of 1927, there appear to have been 799 N6a and 346 N6b cabin cars (total: 1,145). This section of my web site focuses only on the N6b, which were built from 1914 through 1923. None were transferred into the Penn Central merger in 1968, as they were all retired in the 1960s. The car measured 30'8" (9.35m) long at the car's ends, 9'4" (2.84m) wide, and 14'11" (4.55m) tall. It was built out of a metal frame with a wooden super-structure. They were painted Tuscan red (standard PRR freight car color). There were two configurations, namely centered and offset cupola. The cars built-from-new had a centered cupola, while rebuilt cars simply were lengthened at one end, causing the cupola to be offset. The big change from an N6a to an N6b was the fact that the cupola of the N6a had straight walls on the sides and was slightly wider than the body's side walls. The N6b's cupola side walls were slanted in so they could to get into more tunnels and other tight areas. The cars rode on 2B1F2 arch bar (leaf spring) trucks (these were replaced with 2A-F5 trucks (coil) starting in 1940 (shown in the accompanying prototype photo).
Prototype Information