PRR Chartiers Branch: Hazel Mine - Accomplished
January 15, 2017: Officially made the decision to scrap the four modules I have worked on over the past year and three months, and start working on the new ones. Revised this module of the web site accordingly.
February 4, 2017: Made a decision as to which chunk of the prototype area I am going to model in the set-of-three modules.
March 10, 2017: Started work on a 3D CAD design diagram that will capture the plan I have in my head.
April 20, 2017: Bought the raw materials for building the framework of the three modules.
April 22, 2017: Work has started on building the framework for the three modules.
May 4, 2017: All modules' frameworks have been built.
May 9, 2017: All modules have been painted.
May 10, 2017: The modules were set up in the layout room.