PMRR Hazel Mine - To-do List
Design the track plan.

Build the frameworks (all modules at the same time, so that they match exactly, and have the creek cut out of them).

Build the backdrop and the lighting system.

Take down the current modules and the lighting system.

Build the complete creek scene, since it is in the back and out of the way, and structures and trees will cover it.

Lay the ties for the track.

Build and install the tipple's foundation blocks (must be done before ballasting).

Apply the ballast to just below the tops of the ties.

Lay the tie plates.

Lay the rail.

Install the turnout control systems.

Apply the top layer of ballast.

Build a static model of the tipple (will include lighting and may include sound modules).

Build the power house.

Build water tanks.

Build the long, skinny foot bridge over the tracks.

Build the pipe shop.

Build the lamp room.

Build the air shaft.

Install trees, bushes, automobiles, figures, and many other details.

Start planning for the next one or more modules that cover another part of the PRR Chartiers Branch.