PRR Chartiers Branch: Hazel Mine - What About 1924?
What is so special about 1924 that I decided to make that the year that I am going to model? Well, nothing really. But that is the point. I want to model normal, every-day life in my layouts. I enjoy that. I chose 1924, because after studying prototype photos and documents that I have access to, I learned that in the 1920s is really when the branch line that I model was the most active.
1924 is after World War I, so the economy was booming. It is still a few years before the stock market crash of 1929, and the subsequent depression of the 1930s. 1924 sits right in the middle of the "Roaring '20s".
What happened in 1924?

- Calvin Coolidge is elected as U.S. President after, as Vice President, he took over when Warren Harding suddenly died of a heart attack in 1923.

- Ellis Island closes as the famous immigration entry point.

- The Indian Citizenship Act makes it official that all Native Americans are officially U.S. citizens.

- Vladimir Lenin dies in Russia and Joseph Stalin takes over (Russia becomes the U.S.S.R.)

- Benito Mussolini takes over in Italy.

- Adolf Hitler goes on trial for treason and is sentenced to 5 years in prison (he only serves 9 months during which he wrote "Mein Kampf").

- IBM was founded.

- Ford builds its 10 millionth Ford Model T.

- The first diesel electric locomotive is run (in the Bronx, NY).

- Blitzen, Oregon reaches 108F degrees on May 16th.

- British comedian Benny Hill was born. :-)
The YouTube video, "The American Presidential Election of 1924", provides an interesting perspective on what was going on politically in 1924.

"To Live In The 1920s" provides an insight into the normal every-day life of Americans during the "Roaring 20s".

Modeling this time period means Ford Model T automobiles, and lots of them. This video shows how to operate such a vehicle.