My Library - Railroading Books - 303 Tips for Detailing Model Railroad Scenery and Structures

Authors: Dave Frary & Bob Hayden

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 1995

ISBN: 0-89024-243-7

Pages: 96

A collection of tips organized in chapters by the two authors.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
Introduces Bob Hayden's HO-scale "Carrabasset & Dead River Ry." which was used for the photography for this book. Explains the purpose of model railroad scenery.
26Scenery Tips
Scenic base materials such as plaster, sculptamold, foam. Also covers paint colors, black washes, rubber rock molds, pavement cracks, roads, tunnel portals, and bridge abutments.
316Tips for Texture and Trees
Foam colors, sawdust, and real dirt for ground cover. Making weeds, daisy fields, tall grasses, leaves, foam bushes, stumps, dead trees, uprooted stumps. Various trees are discussed from kits to scratchbuild.
427Forced Perspective and Backdrops
Forced perspective using smaller-than-modeled scale structures near the back of the layout, including backdrops. Painting backdrops and clouds.
532On the Waterfront
Simulating water with Envirotex, modeling tide, painting rocks and seaweed. Also covers pilings, spills, boats, ships, rigging. Dealing with dust on modeled water.
639Tricks with Figures and Vehicles
Installing figures, painting figures, posing figures. Painting vehicles, headlights, adding loads, adding details, Americanizing European models.
747Detailing and Superdetailing
Covers flowers, color. Adding crates, barrels, and drums. Modeling stains and spills. Adding delicate details, and removable details. Modeling barb wire, fences, telephone poles, and junk. Painting plastic track. Track cleaning tools and cars.
856Signs of Life
Tell stories by establishing an era, adding signs. Discusses various techniques for adding decals, including making your own.
963Improving and Detailing Structures
Building bridges, creating cardboard mockups, fitting structures. Gluing, weathering, and installing buildings. Stone foundations. Weathering roofs. Roof details.
1078Weathering and Airbrushing
Modeling diesel crud. Weathering bridges, parts. Tools and materials for painting and weathering.
1187Workshop Tips
Workbench ideas, project trays, many tips, glues, and casting.
1293Where to Find the Products
Manufacturers names and addresses.