My Library - Railroading Books - Detailing Freight Cars

Author: Jeff Wilson

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 2007

ISBN: 978-0-89024-691-7

Pages: 87

Improve the appearance and performance of your freight cars! Jeff Wilson shows modelers how to improve ready-to-run and kit HO and N freight cars both visually and operationally with upgraded details, wheels, couplers, and loads. These how-to-tips apply to both the cars pictured in the book and the readers’ own HO, N, O, and G scale cars. Perfect for intermediate model railroaders hoping to improve their equipment. Packed with step-by-step color photos.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
14Freight Car Basics
Model history, model quality, and research resources.
28Wheels, Trucks, and Couplers
Terms and definitions of truck parts, truck styles, model wheelsets, replacing wheels and trucks, couplers, adjusting couplers, installing couplers, how to drill and tap, replacing knuckle springs, and what is cushion draft gear.
322Brake Gear
Prototype brakes, modeling brakes, brakes on boxcars, center-beam brakes, piggyback flatcar brakes, tank car brakes, and covered hopper brakes.
430Body Details
Air hoses, uncoupling levers, sill steps (stirrups), making a drilling template, grab irons, ladders, brake wheels, explanation of A end and B end of a car, and AEI tags.
540Modifying Cars
Replacing boxcar doors, ends, roofs, and running boards. Improving flat car decks, and upgrading mechanical refrigerator cars.
654Decals and Lettering
Why is car lettering? Capacity data, consolidated stencils, ACI plates, inspection dots, how to renumber cars, placards and load stenciling, and other type of lettering.
Variety is the key to weathering. Weathering techniques such as dry-brushing, washes, and over-sprays. Weathering trucks, wheels, and couplers. Modeling faded lettering, and patching and relettering. Weathering roofs, tank cars, and using acrylic colors.
872Freight Car Loads
Realistic coal loads, lumber loads, center-beam bundled and exposed loads, machinery loads, boxcar grain doors and loads, and paper grain doors with load.