My Library - Railroading Books - Great Model Railroads 1992

Author: various authors

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 1992

Pages: 98

This magazine/book features seven model railroads.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
16Historical Modeling on the Berkshire Lines
Author: Andy Sperandeo. This article covers the huge 33' by 124' HO-scale layout in the Rensselaer Polytechnic University. It covers a lot about the Model Railroad Society that runs the project. The layout models the railroad from Troy, NY to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The scenery is fantastic.
218Steam in Indian Summer
Author: Tony Koester. This is a narrative story about following a train on the author's Allegheny Midland. Includes layout photos and a map of the area modeled.
326Today's Cat Mountain & Santa Fe
Author: David Barrow. The author describes train operation on his layout. Includes photos of the layout and a full track plan of his 30' by 36' HO-scale layout, which is set in 1978 West Texas.
434Bob Dupont's O Scale Empire in a Garage
Author: George Hall. Bob's layout occupies 17' by 19' in his garage, and stands 5 feet tall. He can park his car in the garage too. He models both standard and narrow gauge on his 1940's to 50's SP-based layout.
542Operations Night Rookie
Author: Gerry Souter. The article describes what it is like to be a first-time operator on a layout.
646The Great Northern's Mesabi Division
Author: Dan Cermak. The author's N-scale layout measures 15' by 19' and is set north of Duluth, Minnesota, and set in the time period between WWII and 1970. He evaluated what he wanted out of the hobby before building his layout. The layout features sprawling yards, and a huge ore dock, which provide for fantastic shots. Track plan is included.
758Heron Bay Subdivision
Author: Peter Winterton. Built in a 8'9" x 11'6" room, this HO-scale layout models the Canadian Pacific subdivision in 1978. Although separate, his layout connects to his father's HO-scale layout in their basement. Scenic highlights include snow. Photos and track plan are included.
864Glory Days of the Mississippi
Author: Jim Kelly. This article covers the how the Twin City Model Railroad O-scale Club founded in 1943 celebrates their area's history in their layout.
970Modeling New York City in S Scale
Author: Mike Palmiter. The author started off in HO scale, then switched to N scale, and finally settled in S scale. Each time he focused on urban modeling. The layout features concrete canyons with elevated rails providing passenger service. Freight runs at ground level.
1078The Hobby at a Glance
Author: Jim Kelly. This article covers the basics, such as the Whyte steam engine classification system, modeling scales, diesel names explained, turnout terminology, and a small dictionary of some terms.
1182Martin Fischer's Heart River Northern
Author: Jim Kelly. This article describes a 17' by 26' J-shaped N-scale layout which Martin started in 1973. Although Martin is 75 years old, he still enjoys modeling in N scale.