My Library - Railroading Books - Great Model Railroads 1994

Author: various authors

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 1994

ISBN: 1048-8685

Pages: 98

This annual issue has 7 layouts in N-, HO-, and O-scale.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
6The Missouri, Kansas & Quincy: a Railfan's Railroad
Gary Hoover's HO-scale layout.
20The Ozark & Great Plains Railroad
N-scale layout by Loren Neufeld.
28Tales of Tehachapi
Tommy Johnson's article about the San Diego Model Railroad Museum's HO-scale layout.
36Harry Robert's O-scale Empire: Eastern Railroading in a Big Way
O-scale layout article by Paul Dolkos.
44Gil Freitag's Stony Creek & Western: an HO-scale Classic
Jim Kelly's article about Gil's fantastic layout.
56Prototype Free-lancing on the Allegheny Midland
Tony Koester's famous HO-scale layout.
62Jack Burgess' Yosemite Valley RR
George Hall's article about Jack's HO-scale layout.
73The Ironhead Timber Co.: Logging in the Pacific Northwest
On3 layout by Bob Clarke. The layout uses HO-scale for forced perspective.
78The Essence of Mountain Railroading
Allen McClelland's HO-scale Virginian & Ohio.
82The Esquimault & Nanaimo Ry
N-scale layout by Steve Stark.
87A Living Railroad in N-scale
Jim Kelly's article about the Reid brothers' layout, focusing on switching at Shippensburg.
92Gently Through the Looking Glass
Lee Vande Visse writes about stage lighting and backdrops on layouts.