My Library - Railroading Books - Great Model Railroads 1995

Author: various authors

Pages: 98

This magazine/book features eight model railroads.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
16Jack Parker's HO Northern Pacific
Author: Jim Kelly. Jack Parker is the owner of Central Valley Models. The layout is a large yard where all the action takes place. Mostly hidden track gives the illusion of trains going off to distant towns. Layout measures 16' x 56'.
218Shawnee, Kentucky & Western: "Route of Tecumseh"
Author: Anthony E. Knable. This 9' x 11' N-scale layout is set in the Mississippi and Ohio River valleys.
330The time warp
Authors: Tony Koester and W. Allen McClelland. Modeling the Florida Perishable train no. 261 traveling between the two authors' layouts.
438Tuolomne Forks Lumber Co. RR
Author: George Hall. On3 layout by the editor of the Narrow Gauge Gazette. The layout measures 19' x 21'.
546The HO Scale St. Clair Northern
Author: Irv Schultz: 1900's modeling of the Michigan logging industry. A shelf layout in a 16' x 35' space.
656Night on the Docks
Author: David Nicastro. A 5' x 8' HO-scale layout designed to be run in the dark.
762Sweet Times in Sugar Land, Texas
Author: Keith Thompson. Three N-Trak modules modeling this town.
868Argentine & Cripple Creek
Author: Lane Stewart. A very small Nn3-scale layout. It measures 18" by 36" and is super-detailed.
972The Friendly Southern Pacific
Author: Charles Morrill. The 25' x 20' O-scale layout is still under construction. It has a duckunder, but the layout is set at 57" above the floor.
1076Guilty As Charged
Author: Lee Vande Visse. The author describes some ideas he had while building his On3 layout to provide the illusion of structure, weight, and mass.
1180A Tale of the York Haven Turn
Author: John Klotz. The author describes an operating session in a story format.
1288A Jewel of a Gn3 Layout
Author: George Hall. Ron Ritchner's Meadowbrook Lines. The layout is set in the attic of a barn made to look like the interior of an old passenger car.