My Library - Railroading Books - Great Model Railroads 2000

Author: various authors

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 2000

ISBN: 1048-8685

Pages: 98

A collection of 9 layout descriptions.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
18The Leigh Creek Lumber Co.
An HO-scale logging layout set in the 1950's Northwestern U.S., as modeled by Geoff Nott of Australia. He describes how he built the layout, which measures 27 x 37 feet in a around-the-wall basement layout. The layout features vast scenery, some floor to ceiling.
218The Great Northwest Railroad
This stretched "Q"-shaped layout features the O-scale modeling of Bob Roach as described by Jim Hediger. The 39 x 25 layout models the Great Northern Railway.
328The HO Scale Baltimore & Ohio and Western Maryland
This 25 x 44 foot L-shaped layout is set in the 1950's and features the B&O mainline with WM branch line. Jeff Wilson describes Bob Bales' layout, and the article includes a side bar on how Bob makes the rockwork from Structolite (a plaster-like gypsum product).
440The New York, Ontario & Western
Mike Rourke built this N-scale portable layout in 1978 so that he could share the hobby with people at shows. The 3 by 5 layout is basically a figure-8 with several spurs. It even includes a trolley.
548On3 Winged Foot & Western
So named after the author's, Charles Patti, profession - a podiatrist, this rather straight-forward 10 by 28 layout features many scratchbuilt structures. The layout is set in Colorado at around the 1900's with the focus on milling and logging. He casts his own figures and many of the buildings are built using board-by-board construction.
658Clark Fork
The main focus of this HO-scale layout is switching. The G-shaped layout includes heavy switching in one town, while an off-layout staging yard and an under-construction second town provide the in and out flow of traffic. The layout models the BN in western Montana in the 1980's. A side bar on making trees using stranded wire cable is included.
766Let's Try This Again!
David K. Smith's fourth attempt at an N-scale "White River & Northern" layout in a 7 by 10 space seems to be successful. He describes how he experimented with what he wanted in previous layouts, and eventually settled on a simple L-shaped layout with lots of continuous running. Most of the layout was constructed out of foam as it rests on metal shelf brackets.
876Spiral Hill Railroad
This S-scale layout by Frank R. Titman fits in a 19 by 20 foot space. The layout is so named because of the large single-turn helix that allows two-level running. It is set in the 1950s in Pennsylvania and features lots of switching.
984Bill Aldrich's New Haven Shore Line
The HO-scale layout takes up 21 by 28 feet of space. It is an around-the-walls type of layout, but it has a connecting center section. One has to duck under the center section to get to either side of the layout. The center section is a large yard in this 1948 model set in Massachusetts and Connecticut. A side bar on how his layout is a showcase for his scratchbuilt locomotives and passenger cars is included.