My Library - Railroading Books - Great Model Railroads 2002

Author: various authors

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 2002

ISBN: 1048-8685

Pages: 98

A collection of 10 layout descriptions.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
18John Proebsting's HO Soo Line
Author: John Proebsting. The layout models rural and small-town in 1948. It is a large, 39 x 44-foot, layout that is mostly around-the-walls, with a very large, double-sided peninsula. There's lower-level staging. The photos show beautiful scenery.
218The Coal Belt in 1910
Author: Bill Henderson. This HO-scale layout measures 8 by 20 feet and consists of mostly a loop. He models the turn-of-the-century (1900) in the anthracite railroads in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Although the layout may be considered small, it is very nicely detailed.
328New Mexico in N Scale
Author: Dan Morgan. Using blue bulbs the author simulates late night operations on his 17 x 24-foot around-the-walls layout set in the 1950's. A sidebar on how he uses a spiral easement and superelevation template to lay his track is included. The whole family is involved in the layout.
436The HO Puffer Bridge Lines
Author: Seth Puffer. This is an HO-scale 8' by 19' oval-shaped layout with a lift-out section. Has beautiful detailed scenery.
546Steam Still Rules
Karl Winkler's O-scale Paint Creek Rail. It is in a 24 x 43-foot building. The layout is at a height of six and half feet, so that there's space for a workshop underneath.
652Taking a Page from the Southern Pacific's Past
Ron Kuykendall's HO and HOn3 "Sud Pacifico con Otros" layout is set in the San Joaquin valley in the 1950's. The layout measures 12 x 22 feet and is built on hollow-core doors.
760A Small Slice of the Pennsy
This is an N-scale 2x4 foot layout modeling and following the practices of the Montandon Branch. It is a simple oval track with an interchange track and a couple of small industries.
866Boston & Maine's New England North Division
Carlo Orciari's 16 feet square layout is set in the 1920-1955 period modeling western Massachusetts. This U-shaped HO-scale layout has two loops and a hidden staging area.
974The Broak & Kantifordit Tie & Timber Co.
This On3 11 feet square layout features logging at its finest with multiple switchbacks and tall scenery.
1082Railfanning Colorado's Joint Line
Describes the HO-scale Denver, Front Range & Western railroad which is a huge double-tracked layout.