My Library - Railroading Books - Maintenance of Way Cyclopedia

Authors: E.T. Howson & E.R. Lewis

Publisher: Simmons-Boardman Books, Inc.

Published: 1921

Pages: 860

Definitions, descriptions, illustrations, and methods of use of the materials, equipment, and devices employed in the maintenance of the tracks, bridges, buildings, water stations, signals, and other fixed properties of railways. Due to its age, it is now available in the public domain, and its PDF version can be downloaded from Google. Since the book was published in 1921, its content is only relevant to those studying or modeling that or earlier time periods. However, since a lot of terms still exist today, it provides the basis of understanding railroading terminology. The book contains a large number of photos and drawings. These are great for those wanting to super-detail their layouts or dioramas.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
2General Subject Index
9The Track Section
Explains track components and track maintenance.
209The Bridge Section
Explains bridge components and bridge types.
289The Building Section
Explains track-side structures.
363The Water Service Section
Tools, structures, and equipment needed to supply water to the railroad site.
409The Signal Section
Explains signals, their components, and covers basic electrical terms. It covers how semaphores and block signaling works. Also covers interlocking towers, and road crossings.
529The Wood Preservation Section
Covers everything related to wood, wood preservation, causes for wood decay, and wood grading.
551The General Section
Covers track-side and fixed tools and materials used, crew quarters (both fixed and mobile), and steam shovels.
627The Catalog Section
Cataloging products available from various manufactures and vendors (in alphabetical order).
845Directory of Products
856Trade Name Index
859Alphabetical Index of Manufacturers