My Library - Railroading Books - Model Railroad Bridges & Trestles

Author: various authors

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 1992

ISBN: 0-89024-128-7

Pages: 152

This book is a collection of articles from Model Railroader magazine issues from 1962 to 1991.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
12Understanding Bridge Construction
This article, written by Harold Russell, first discusses how to pick the appropriate bridge to model, history of railroad bridges in the U.S., determining load capabilities, beam, girder, and truss bridges, trestles, viaducts, and culverts, arch bridges, continuous truss bridges, cantilever bridges, suspension bridges, and structural shapes used to construct steel bridges.
28Beam and Through Plate Girder Bridges
This article written by Harold Russell covers steel beam bridges, track flooring, guardrails, stringer and floor beam systems for through bridges, through plate girder bridges, knee and lateral bracing on girder bridges, double-track bridges, skewed and curved railroad bridges, and briefly touches on available model bridges.
314Through Truss Bridges
Harold Russell continues his bridge articles in this chapter with types of trusses, truss member construction, truss member joints, gussets and rivets, through truss nomenclature and typical proportions, general characteristics of truss bridges, top and knee braces, lateral struts, and portals, and typical truss bridges.
421Deck Bridges and Movable Spans
Harold Russell returns in this chapter discussing deck plate girder bridges, deck truss bridges, bridges on curves, abutments, piers, and bents, pedestals, swing bridge and drawbridge spans, bascule bridges, vertical lift bridge.
528Trestles, Arches, and Viaducts
Another article by Harold Russell covers timber trestles, bents, sway bracing, piers, bent-to-bent bracing, trestle floor systems, walkways and fire protection, double-track and curved trestles, bulkheads, concrete trestles, steel trestles, stone arch bridges and viaducts.
636Culverts and Wood Truss Bridges
Harold Russell concludes his extensive series on bridges in this chapter which covers culverts, timber bridges, timber joints and construction, flooring systems, covered bridges, and finishing details.
743Tackle a Timber Trestle
This article by John S. Corbett takes you step-by-step in how to build a trestle bridge. Includes construction of a jig and construction photos.
848A Timber Deck Truss Bridge
Jack Work describes how to build a deck truss bridge in the middle of a long trestle bridge to add drama.
954Girder Bridge and Approaches
Jack Work discusses how to build a girder bridge and approaches that rest on trestle bents, concrete piers, and completes the project by describing how to build the girder span.
1058Modeling a Covered Railroad Bridge
Using the prototype bridge near Cottage Grove, OR, Earl T. Johnson describes how he built an HO model of this bridge.
1162Bash a Bridge
Richard L. Whitney describes how to kitbash a model into something that you can use, such as using an HO-scale bridge to become a mainline span for an N-scale layout.
1264A Big Bridge for Your Double-Track Main
Dean Freytag took a Lionel bridge to act as an HO-scale bridge for his double-track main line.
1367Build a Straining-beam Pony Truss
Using a bit of creativity can make this bridge fit any scale, according to Whit Towers.
1472Steel Trestles from Central Valley Bridges
Steve Karas found that using parts from a Central Valley bridge kit made his job of building a lot of steel trestle bridges a lot easier.
1578John Allen Memorial Bridge
Al Kalbfleisch describes how he built his two-truss, two-girder span bridge.
1684Compact Drawbridge
This article by Al B. Armitage describes how he built a Scherzer rolling lift span of girder.
1792Modeling the Gloucester Draw
This chapter is both a prototype and model article about this bridge by George W. Konrad.
18105Big Warrior River Bridge
A brief article by Gordon Odegard about the wrought iron bridge near Cordova, AL.
19106Building Black Bear Bridge
This article by Jim Money describes how he built this fantastic model based on the CP's Stoney Creek Bridge.
20116Short Girder-type Overpass
This chapter discusses how the real world deals with small spans.
21121Common Standard Trestles
Scale drawings of Southern Pacific trestle bridge components.
22127Rural Road Overpass
Small bridges used for foot and car traffic over railroad tracks.
23128Wood King-post Truss Highway Bridge
This chapter by Gordon Odegard covers the king-post bridge used to span double-track mainline.
24130Forest Park Overpass
Using steel and concrete to create an ornamental bridge.
25133Bridge for a Country Road
A small bridge over a creek.
26134The Witherby St. Underpass
Roadways pass under railroad bridge, where the railroad bridge doesn't change grade.
27136Lattice Truss Bridge
This chapter describes this kind of bridge that was common from 1890 to 1930.
28140Western Pacific's North Fork Bridge
This chapter covers this concrete bridge.
29142B&OCT Bascule Bridge
This chapter describes this bridge.
30145Simple Truss Bridge
How to build a very short truss bridge.
31146Add a Covered Highway Bridge to Your Layout
Just photos and scale drawings of a covered bridge.
32148Covered Railroad Bridge
A brief article about the St. Johnsbury & Lamoille Country RR covered bridge.
33150Old Plattsmouth Truss Bridge
Prototype photos and scale drawings of this bridge.