My Library - Railroading Books - Model Railroad Electronics 6

Author: Rutger Friberg

Publisher: Allt om Hobby AB

Published: 2000

ISBN: 91-85496-98-7

Pages: 96

Electronics projects for digital and analog applications. Note that since this book was written by a Swede, the components used in the book are decidedly European such as using Lenz decoders, Marklin-related topics, etc. However, since these projects are fairly advanced (i.e. building your own DCC-compatible decoders), with some creativity they can be adapted to other DCC systems. This is definitely not a beginner's book.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
13Electronics projects - just for you!
24Electronics workshop for model railroading
35Advice on tools and instruments
48Switch motor for Marklin C turnout
511Separate power supply to marklin switch decoders
611Variable voltage supply for DC
712Local control of digital switches
813Re-activation of switch decoders
913Roco digital with analog address selection
1014A small sound decoder for large locomotives
1115Chase lights
1216Marklin's new hopper with remote dumping
1319Make your own DCC contacts
1420The NMRAF series continues
1521NMRAF 14 - Low-cost decoder for locomotives
1623NMRAF 15 - Sound module for diesel locomotives
1725NMRAF 16 - Sound module for steam locomotives
1827NMRAF 17 - Universal power module
1929NMRAF 18 - Decoder for Faulhaber motors
2032NMRAF 19 - Motor control without PWM
2134NMRAF 20 - Flasher module
2235Smart connections
2336Digital turntable control module
2441Power voltage adjustment
2542Roco's digital central unit as a booster
26463 Amp booster for DCC
2750Booster as a computer interface
2850Two-way interface with opto coupler
2951XpressNet indicator
3052Digital central unit for DCC
3158LocoNet and CDE bus communications
3258From Marklin central unit to LocoNet booster
3359CDE central unit for Marklin booster
3459Color-coding DCC plugs
3560KRAFT decoders for DCC
3662KRAFT 10 - Locomotive decoder
3764KRAFT 11 - Function decoder
3867KRAFT 12 - Switch decoder
3970KRAFT 13 - Decoder for a Roco turnout
4072KRAFT 14 - Decoder for a Marklin C turnout
4175Analog/digital track indicator
4276Turntable with stepping motor
4380Installation control of locomotive electronics
4481Control panel for command station
4582Handheld controller with PIC
4684Connecting smart boosters
4785Locomotive maintenance
4885LH 200: Three simple enhancements
4986Panel with status indicator
5087HO: DCC plug for older Rc locomotives
5188LV 101: Switching for the programming track
5288LH 100: Make it child-size
5389Component Guide