My Library - Railroading Books - Model Railroad Planning 2001

Author: various authors

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 2003

Pages: 98

ChapterPageTitle / Description
18Open Spaces Narrow Shelf
How to model wide open terrain in the prairie states on just a shallow shelf layout. Includes model and prototype photos of actual locations. Several track plans accompany the photos to show the concepts. Also includes roadbed cross-section diagrams, and how to correctly place culverts.
214A Case for a Good Dose of Sky
This chapter proposes two track plans for modeling the prairie landscape. One is HO-scale and one is N-scale.
322Surround Staging
Setting up staging on the outside of the layout, behind the scenic backdrops, while still maintaining access to them. Includes model and prototype photos, and a benchwork cross-section diagram.
430Layout Design Element: Keeping it Simple
The author describes how he decided to model a scene in 19th Century Pembroke, Ontario in Proto:87. Includes track diagrams, prototype photos, and a sidebar on what it means to model in Proto:87.
538Knott's Wharf
This O-scale exhibition layout shows what can be modeled in this large scale in only 3 by 12 feet of space, including a hidden fiddle yard.
64410 Design Tips From an Expert
Don Mitchell discusses to accurately define the layout space, to use templates for drawing turnouts, to draw accurate tangents to curves, to plan for easements for curves, to plan for people (not track), plan to make the benchwork adaptable, to think about wiring, to avoid sharp s-curves, to do your homework, and to not strive for perfection.
748Serving West Virginia's Glass Industry
The author describes how he came about to design a B&O layout set in Morgantown, W. Va, modeling its glass industry. Includes a track plan and prototype photos.
856Where Belt & Trunk Lines Meet
Tony Koester describes an N-scale layout (track plan only) that features two railroads and lots of switching.
958From Surf Line to San Diego
The author describes how his move triggered him to model the Santa Fe's fourth district in HO-scale in a 24 by 25-foot space. Includes trackplan, prototype photos, and some layout-under-construction photos.
1066Research in the Information Age
How one can research one' prototype railroad in today's Internet environment.
1174Beaver Creek Mining & Transportation Co.
Robert Nicholson describes an S-scale layout centered around Beaver Creek, W. Va. during the 1920's. Includes the trackplan and several prototype photos.
1278Going Up! Vertical Helix
Design diagrams, track plans, layout photos, and ideas for building vertical elevators for storing trains or moving them between layout levels.
1386Balancing Act
Balancing what we want to model vs. what we can model vs. what we should model to entertain the desired number of operators in future operating sessions.
1489Full-size Mock-up
Using cardboard to build full-size mock-ups of benchwork in their respective locations, so that friend can view it and provide feedback before all the work starts.
1591"Flat" Falls Flat
Think about elevation differences between the mainline track and other track.
1692Layout Lighting Tips
Tips and ideas on how to light the layout.