My Library - Railroading Books - Model Railroading's Guide to Model Photography

Author: Bruce Nall

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Publishing, Inc.

Published: 1993

ISBN: 0-9612692-8-6

Pages: 64

Although dated, the core information in this book is very useful even with today's digital cameras. This book provides information very specific to photographing model railroad layouts. The larger focus is on how to take high-quality photos to accompany magazine articles. Below are all the topics discussed in each chapter.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
14Depth of Field
Camera-to-subject distance. Lens focal length. Aperture control. Where to focus. Length of exposure. Approximately-equivalent exposures.
27Lens Selection
Normal lens, telephoto lens, wide-angle lens. Wide-angle distortion. Close focusing. Extension tubes, Supplementary close-up lenses. Macro zoom. Lens reversing.
Teleconverter use. Depth-of-field examples.
Exposure basics. Automatic cameras. Metering a scene. Gray cars. Exposure bracketing.
517Picking an SLR for Model Photography
Invest in a camera system. The camera body. Automatic cameras. Available lenses. Close-up accessories.
Hand-holding a camera. Types of tripods. Tripod use. Camera operation.
722"Tungsten" Slide Films
Color temperature explained. Filters. Reciprocity failure. Exposure bracketing. Color shift. Fujichrome 64T. Ektachrome 64T. Ektachrome 160. Kodachrome 40
82664T Slide Film Comparison
Comparing Fujichrome 64T and Ektachrome 64T.
928Color Print Films
Tungsten lighting. Fluorescent lighting. Working with the lab. Reciprocity failure. Exposure bracketing.
1030Photographic Backgrounds
Layout backgrounds.
1132Lighting Equipment
Photofloods. Photoflood lighting fixtures. Quartz lighting. Quartz-lamp fixtures. Light stands and supports. Layout and model heating. Film and Light combinations. Existing layout lighting fixtures.
1234Lighting Techniques
Shadow control. Film limitations. Adding a second light. Differences in illumination.
1337Lighting Ratios
F-stop review. Measuring light. Light-meter readings. Gray cards. Shadow detail. Subject color. Film limitations.
1439Soft Light
Hard light. Soft light. Soft-light photofloods. Diffusion panels. Soft light mixed with hard light.
1542Fluorescent Lighting
Filters. Filter mounting. Examples. Color temperature. Color temperature meter. Filter table. Film types. Exposure compensation.
1647Outdoor Model Photography
Color of sunlight. Fill cards. Diffusion panels. Overcast days. Backgrounds.
The edge of the layout. Subject size. Camera and subject angles. The rule of thirds. Horizontal or vertical pictures? Lines and curves. Leading lines. Positioning subjects.
1853Pinhole Photography
Depth-of-field review. Examples.
1955Modifying a Lens for Pinhole Photography
Lens disassembly. Making the pinhole. Using the lens.
2058Commercial Photo Labs
Testing. E6. Color negative film. Prints from slides. Which lab to use (professional or amateur)?
2160The Layout Shoot
Layout photography. Minimum and optional photography equipment to bring to the layout shoot.
Review of the topics covered in the book as related to model photography.