My Library - Railroading Books - Modelling Grassland And Landscape Detailing

Author: Gordon Gravett

Publisher: Wild Swan Publications Ltd.

Published: 2013

ISBN: 9781908763068

Pages: 108

This book adds to the author's previous two books about how to build various trees, in that it expands modeling the rest of the landscape, such as grasses, weeds, hedges, roads, puddles, and creeks.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
17Preparing the Ground
Building your scenery base.
Applying static grass, fibers over ground cover, making longer grasses, grass growing through cracks, windswept grass
349Weeds and Wild Flowers
Rosebay willowherb, nettles, using postiche, overgrown track.
Modeling summer and winter hedges.
575Roads and Pavements
Road construction, tarmac surface, country lane, unfinished road surfaces, paving.
691Wet Areas, Puddles & Rivers
Mud and puddles, modeling movement in water.
Appendix 1105Five-bar Gate and Stile
Appendix 2107Colors
Appendix 3109Suppliers