My Library - Railroading Books - PRR Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Vol. 2

Author: Ian S. Fischer

Publisher: Morning Sun Books, Inc.

Published: 1996

ISBN: 1-878887-55-6

Pages: 128

Contains descriptions and many photos of the Pennsylvania Railroad's light- and heavyweight passenger cars, the Aerotrain, freight cars, and work equipment. There are a number of typos in the texts.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
14Lightweight Coaches
27Lightweight Dining & Dining-Lounge Cars
38Lightweight Sleeping Cars, pre-war
410Lightweight Sleeping Cars, post-war
518Lightweight Baggage-Mail Cars
618Crew-Express, Box-Express Cars
721Business Cars
823Heavyweight Sleeping Cars
927Heavyweight Railway Post-Office Cars
1029Heavyweight Dining Cars
1129Heavyweight Baggage Cars
1333Box Cars
1459Stock Cars
1563Hopper Cars
H21a, H21e, H21g, H30, H30a, H32, H33, H34a, H34c, H35, H36, H39, H39a, H40, H42, H43, H43a, H43b, H44, H45, H46, H47a, and H2a.
1677Gondola Cars
GLa, G22b, G26a, G26c, G31b, G31d, G31h, G31k, G32c, G34a, G35, G36, G36a, G36c, G31d, G36e, G36f, G37, G38, G39a, G41, G41a, and G43.
1788Flat Cars
F25, F30a, F36, F37b, F41, F41b, F42, F47, FD1, FD2, and FW1
1895Tank Cars
1996Cabin Cars
20108Work Equipment
22126Automobile-Rack Cars