My Library - Railroading Books - Pennsylvania Railroad

Authors: Michael Schafer & Brian Solomon

Publisher: Andover Junction Publications

Published: 1997

This book is an overview of all the areas of the PRR, and describes the history of the company. There are maps, historic and modern photos, and descriptions of most of the engines used by the PRR.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
111Dawn of the Pennsylvania Railroad
229The PRR's Western Expansion
339The PRR's Eastern Expansion
449The Pennsylvania Railroad Comes of Age
561The New York Extension and Electrification
669Passenger Trains of the Pennsy
781From Coal and Steel to Produce and Merchandise
893The Steam World of PRR
9105Electric Locomotives of the PRR
10113The Diesel Era Comes to PRR
11121Twilight of the Pennsylvania Railroad
12125The PRR Today