My Library - Railroading Books - Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Locomotive Pictorial Volume 4

Author: John D. Hahn, Jr.

Publisher: Withers Publishing

Published: 2003

Pages: 72

Sharks, Centipedes, and Transfer units.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
1205PRR Classification of Baldwin Road Units
2206Baldwin DR-8-12-3000
Centipedes. These were also classified as DR-8-12-1500/2, because each physical engine was semi-permanently mated with another.
3212Baldwin DR-6-4-2000
Sharknose passenger engines.
4223Baldwin DR-4-4-1500
Sharknose freight engines.
5241Baldwin RF-16
The successor to the Baldwin DR-4-4-1500 Sharknose was also a Sharknose
6260Alco Repowered Baldwin Cab Units
7262Baldwin RT-624
Center-cab transfer engines.