My Library - Railroading Books - Realistic Animation, Lighting & Sound

Author: Kent Johnson

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 2000

ISBN: 0-89024-338-7

Pages: 80

ChapterPageTitle / Description
14Animation on the Lone Pine & Tonopath RR
Motion transfer methods, log dumper, dancers, log loading boom, moving automobiles, neon lights, rotating fuel oil and water spouts, sawmill equipment, scrap-metal loading crane, sunset/sunrise, traffic lights, and electromagnet uncouplers.
210Build an Operating Tunnel Curtain
A tunnel portal door that moves up and down, responds to trains detection in the track.
314Build a Working Coal Tipple
An operating session's worth of coal is stored in the tipple and actually unloaded into hoppers.
418An Operating Windmill
Using vibration to cause the windmill's fan to rotate.
520Build a Slow-motion Crossing Gate Drive
A Tortoise controls the gate.
622Build a Three-position Semaphore Mechanism
Using Switch Master motors and block detection to control the semaphore.
727Amaze Your Friends with a Working Wig-Wag
Motorized wig-wag construction is described.
835Go Fly a Kite! (or an Airplane)
Kite animated via a fan, and a child flies a radio-controller airplane.
938Tale of a Turning Head
The engineer of an O-scale RS-3 rotates his head as the engine changes direction.
1042Magic Water
Simulate moving water using a two-way mirror and tinsel agitated via a fan.
1144Video Animation
Play a video on a small screen embedded in a building to show live inside.
1248Brighten Up Your World
Controlling light in the layout room to simulate nighttime. Using lights in structures.
1350Diode Lighting Made Easy
Constant intensity headlights, locomotive classification lights, tender back-up lights, and diesel directional head lights.
1456Fiber Optics in Model Railroading
How to work with fiber optics, light sources, Christmas decorations, carousel lighting, aligning fibers with bulbs.
1560Light Up the Night With Neon
Modeling neon signs, sources for lettering, fluorescent paper, UV lamp placement.
1664Painted Power
Using a conductive pen to paint traces for routing power to street lights, and figures.
1767Landscape Lighting
Make a lamppost for front yard lighting.
1869Bishop's Crook Station Lamps
How to make antique, ornate station lamps.
1972How to Simulate Flickering Fires
Using a transistor radio for random flickering.
2075Pole Lights for a Freight Yard
Using pole lights in a yard to identify uncoupler magnets.
2177A Carload of Sound
Installing a sound module in a boxcar.