My Library - Railroading Books - Scenery Tips and Techniques

Author: various authors

Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Published: 1989

ISBN: 0-89024-095-7

Pages: 116

This book is really just a collection of articles from the Model Railroader magazine issues.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
12Forms and Shells
Plaster-gauze scenery, easyshell scenery.
Creating rock molds from real rock. Casting a rock wall using plaster and a form made from aluminum foil.
312Ground Textures
Felt grass and weeds. Modeling a bog. Modeling snow. Modeling a slough. Modeling prairie grass using fake fur.
426Bushes and Trees
Modeling corn using asparagus fern. Creating a fall scene. Creating bushes using poly fiber. Creating large pine trees from artificial Christmas trees. Furnace filter forest. Making large, broad-leaf trees. Making evergreen trees from bumpy chenille. Making flat background trees. Building a zap-texturing machine for foliage and ground cover.
How to model water. Modeling water with acrylic gloss medium. Sponge modeling. Modeling rapids, rushing water, and waterfalls.
657Scenic Detailing
Improved line poles. Making signs for structures. Copying a prototype scene as far as background scenery is concerned. Weathering yards. Detailing sidewalks. Using mirrors. Modeling the desert.
Giving depth to printed background structures. Modeling with photo prints. Using photo prints inside buildings. Building flats as background structures. Creating urban scenery.
895Backgrounds and Backdrops
Using mirrors for backgrounds. Build a backdrop collage. Painting your own backdrop. Using smaller-than-modeled scale buildings in the background. Modeling an industry that isn't there.