My Library - Railroading Books - The Cyclopedia of Industrial Modeling

Edition: First

Author: Dean Freytag

Publisher: M2FQ Publications

Published: 2002

Pages: 90

Descriptions of various models for a variety of industries

ChapterPageTitle / Description
11A Treasure Found
23Blast Furnace #3
310The Atlas Transfer Car
610BOF - Basic Oxygen Furnace
41375 Ton Pollock Pig Machine Car
516Problem Solved
729Argon Storage Facility
831Linde Oxygen Plant
933The Stripper
10351980 Stripper - A Look Back
1136Davies Steel Bag House
1240Steel Casting Department
1342Yokes, "J" Hooks, and Ladles
1444Four Wheel Ladle Carriers
1652HD Mill Cranes
1757The Station Complex
1866Electric Melt Shop
1969EMS Electric Furnace
2075Carbon Chip Facility
2178Dorr Thickener
2280Bethlehem HD In Plant Mill Gons
2383Articulated Mill Tractor
2487Simple Girder and Bridge Piers
2588A Helping Hand/Painting Jig
2690Sometimes Older is Best