My Library - Railroading Books - The Encyclopedia of Trains & Locomotives

Author: C.J. Riley

Publisher: Michael Friedman Publishing Group, Inc.

Published: 2002

ISBN: 1567999824

Pages: 224

The book covers all the main topics related to railroads and railroad terminology. It predominantly covers U.S. railroads, but there is plenty of coverage of Australian, Canadian, British, Chinese, African, and Russian railroads. It is organized like a typical encyclopedia in that topics are in alphabetical order, and one topic is not necessarily related to the next topic. In the back is an index of all the major diesel locomotives produced by the U.S. manufacturers. It is a very interesting and informative book, especially for someone wanting to learn about railroading in general.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
112The Awakening of the Railfan
316The Encyclopedia of Trains & Locomotives
4205Diesel Locomotive Production in North America
5210The Whyte System
6211Major North American Railroad Mergers
7212Glossary of Railroad Terminology
8216Glossary of Railroad Slang