My Library - Railroading Books - The History of North American Rail

Author: Christopher Chant

Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc.

Published: 2002

ISBN: 0785814558

Pages: 443

This book chronicles the history of the railroads in the U.S.A. and Canada. It also covers locomotives, rolling stock, and passenger service.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
16American Beginnings
The United States railroads from 1828 through 1861. Photos of early locomotives.
228The American Civil War & Westward Expansion
Covers the period from 1861 through 1875 in the United States. Lots of photos of equipment and buildings, including bridges.
368Consolidation and the Railroad Barons
Covers the period from 1875 through 1917 of the U.S. history, the period between the Wars. Includes many photos.
4110The Heyday of Steam
Covers the U.S. history period from 1917 to 1945, the large steam locomotives. Many historical and modern-day photos.
5144Building the Roads
Focuses on building the infrastructure of the expanding railroads. Includes lots of construction photos, photos of buildings and lots of bridges. Includes information about how railroads are built today.
6190Canadian Beginnings
Starts the Canadian railroad history in 1832. Includes many historical and modern-day photos.
7272Locomotives & Rolling Stock
This chapter covers the steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, railcars, Doodlebugs, Galloping Goose, rotary plows, and electric locomotives. Most photos in this chapter are modern-day ones.
8340Passenger Services
Many historical interior photos, and includes the Auto-Train.
9368Freight Movement
Covers the history, but the photos are mostly modern-day trains.
10402Light Rail & Rapid Transit Systems
Describes modern-day light rail service for subways and commuter service.