My Library - Railroading Books - The History of the Pennsylvania Railroad

Edition: Reprint 1996

Author: Timothy Jacobs

Publisher: SmithMark Publishers, Inc.

Published: 1995

ISBN: 0-8317-3787-5

Pages: 128

This book spends almost half on the period before WWI, which means there is lots of historical information about how the PRR was formed. There are lots of photos of steam engines, a disproportionate number of photos of the GG1, and many photos of Conrail engines. There are also a number of photos of PRR-significant structures and railroad advertising signs.

ChapterPageTitle / Description
322The Pennsylvania Railroad
432The Pennsy Under Way
542The Scott Years
648The Roberts Years
756Freight and Passenger Service; Locomotives
878The Cassatt Years
990World War I and the Twenties
1096Boom And Bust And War Again
11106The End
12114Penn Central And Conrail