Photo Albums - Cabooses

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On April 26, 2003 I found this Southern Pacific C-40-7 caboose #4352 at the Burton, Texas depot (Burton Heritage Society). The depot was restored in 1990. I was unable to find any additional information about this caboose. The road number seems to have been reused as well, if it is indeed a legitimate number for this particular caboose.
Close-up of the truck.
A couple of interior shots (it was open).
Photos hanging on the wall in the caboose of the restoration of the caboose and the depot at Burton.
On December 23, 2007, I stopped by The Fairfax Station Railroad Museum in Fairfax, Virginia. The station building includes artifacts and has regular model railroad displays (see web site). Outside is the Southern caboose #X518606. Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain, so I was only able to take a few photos.
On October 6, 2013 I photographed this Ft. Worth & Denver caboose #107 at the Galveston Railroad Museum. According to the museum's web site, this is their oldest piece of rolling stock built in 1880. The road name applied is not real, but rather this was a Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad caboose.
The Galveston museum also has this Southern Pacific caboose. I have no other information about this car, and it is not listed on the museum's web site. See the other side in the next photo.
Also at the Galveston museum is this Missouri Pacific caboose #12131.
Close-up of one of its trucks.
On October 5, 2014 I photographed ATSF #1642 at the Galveston Railroad Museum (see unrestored photo of the caboose as it was before restoration). It was originally built in 1927 by the American Car & Foundry Company.
A close-up of the end of the caboose.
Another angle.
The caboose was open, so I took this picture (against the strong afternoon sun) of the brake wheel.
The next two photos are of the car's interior.
These are a collection of caboose photos I took at the Houston Railroad Museum on October 23, 2010. The interior of the green MKT caboose behind the Alco switcher is shown in the next several photos.
SP caboose on the property.
On April 13, 2013, I was at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum as part of their Railfest 2013. The museum has an unmarked caboose on their property. It is a 1972 Missouri Pacific #13591.
At Steamtown, Scranton, PA on August 9, 2013 I took these two photos that happen to include the DL&W caboose.
I went to an automobile show in Tomball, Texas on March 12, 2011, when I stumbled upon this Trinity & Brazos Valley Railway caboose and a beautiful depot. Both are restored and well-maintained.