Photo Albums - PRR B6sb Switcher

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I took these photos on August 11, 2013 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. The PRR B6sb is an 0-6-0 switcher. Its slope-back tender was used for yard service. It was so designed, so as to allow the engineer better see in back of the engine during reverse maneuvers in the yard. A rectangularly-shaped tender could also be attached if the engine was used for road service.
My objective is to eventually scratchbuilt this engine. We only a had a few hours to visit the museum, so in my rush to take as many photos as possible, especially focusing on the engine's details, I forgot to take an overall photo of engine #1670. The photo below is the closest I got (see this web site for the entire engine in one shot).

The engine was built on March 7, 1916 at PRR's Juniata, PA shops. Its overall length is 64 feet and 4 inches. It rides on 56" drivers. This particular engine worked in the Baltimore area its entire life until retirement in 1957 (over 41 years).