Photo Albums - PRR X26c Box Car

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These were photos I took of two Pennsylvania Railroad X26c box cars on the Steamtown museum grounds at Scranton, Pennsylvania on August 9 and 10, 2013. The first two photos are of the unit positioned in the outer yards. It is road number 109760, with a built date of September 1919. The first photo was taken while it was raining, so I took the second one the next day when it wasn't raining, just in case it came out better.

This 40-foot box car was originally a wood box car (X26), but it was rebuilt into a steel-sided car between 1945 and 1950. Apparently the original road number of this actual car was lost in transactions between owners, so the Steamtown museum renumbered this car to 109760, which is the next number up from the actual series from which it came (104260-107759). This car was last repainted in 1999. These cars used 2D-F3 or 2D-F3a trucks.
This is the box car they have inside the roundhouse area. It is road number 105808. The history behind this car is almost identical to the other one, however, this car was given a legitimate road number (even though its original road number, too, had been lost; PRR X26 class info).

All of the remaining photos on this page are of #105808.