My Library - Railroading Videos - Steam Trains

Format: DVD

Publisher: Brentwood Home Video

Published: 2003

Steaming to L.A.; Operation San Jose; Roarin' Runbys & More Roarin' Runbys: Steam in the Northeast; More Roarin' Runbys: Steam in the South; Super Slips and Start-ups; Four Days of Steam in Dixie; Circus Train; Rio Grande Snow Freight; Doubleheader; Summer Steam Spectacular, Vol. 1; New York Central Steam Showcase; Summer Steam Spectacular, Vol. 2; Memories of Pennsy Steam; Edaville Railroad: Massachusetts' Maine Attraction; Edaville Revisited: Massachusetts' Maine Attraction; Return of the Rambles: 2102 in Excursion Service; The Schuylkill Shifter: 2102 Hauls Coal. There is a total of 1,200 minutes of video on these 5 discs.