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This web site contains a lot of articles. All opinions expressed are purely based on my own personal experience. I don't proclaim to be an expert on any of the topics that I discuss on this site; I am just sharing what I've learned. I usually make some change to this web site at least once a week. Sometimes it is as small as fixing a typo, or a minor update of an article, or sometimes it is a whole new article altogether.


If you want to print a page for your own use, I would recommend setting the page format to "landscape", because I use rather wide pages to maximize the usefulness of the photos I include on the pages. Also, some browsers support the "Shrink to Fit" option, which seems to show both the text and image nicely when printed. However, you may need to play around with your print settings for your printer to get the page to print nicely. I have not yet gone through the effort of trying to make this web site display properly on portable devices, such as tablets and cell phones. Because of the large quantity of photos I use, the site is probably less useful on smaller devices.


You can search this entire site using the Duck-Duck-Go search engine. If you have never used this search engine, it is very easy to use. Just enter one or more keywords in the edit field at the top of its page, e.g. " nw2", and press the magnifier glass icon/button. It will only show you pages for this site (of course, you can do generic Web searching by replacing all of the text shown in the edit field). The search engine has a weird name, but it is simple, quick, and most importantly, it does not track what you search for like the other search engines do. You have complete privacy.

Tools Used To Maintain This Site

If you are curious, the following are the tools I currently use to create and maintain the content of this web site:


Although I was unable to attend the 2011 National Association of S Gaugers' annual convention in California, I received the "Josh Seltzer" award for this personal model railroad web site. You can read all about the award on the NASG web site, but briefly, it is awarded to those who use their web site to promote S-scale modeling.

Later that year, I was appointed the webmaster for the NASG web site. During the 2012 NASG Convention in Tennessee, I received the "Josh Seltzer" award for the work I had done on the NASG web site itself.

At the 2012 Convention, I also received the first-ever Trustee's Award for the NASG web site.