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What is "Spirituality" or "Being Spiritual"?

On this page I want to delve more deeply into my life's philosophy. Again, as with the Health page, this doesn't have anything, on the surface at least, to do with model railroading. However, I believe it does. It has a fundamental impact on how I view things in life, and from which things I derive happiness.

Being spiritual or spiritually-aware to me means that a person is in complete connection with his or her larger self. The part of you that is unseen. Other terms used are one's soul, one's Higher Self, one's spirit, etc. The vast majority of the people on this planet go about their business growing up, getting some level of education, getting some job, getting a better-paying job, starting a family, raising said family, retiring, and eventually dying. Most people focus their entire life upon these things only. There is never a level of awareness that steps above or beyond that. All the focus is on the mundane day-to-day activities. With such a narrow focus, it is quite easy to fall prey all sorts of fears. The fears then control the person's dominant thoughts, and most of their decisions are based on those fears, or on how to avoid them. This leads to some form of neurosis, and most people never really experience peace-of-mind.

People who are spiritually-aware came to that via different avenues. Some due to very traumatic events in their lives (death of a loved one, near-death experiences, etc.). Some became more spiritually aware due to their dietary changes. This is how it happened for me. I will get into the differences between spirituality and religions shortly, but I was a very religious person during most of my college years. I eventually got completely turned-off by it all and really became agnostic. My first wife wanted to get "back to God", but going to church left her unfulfilled. So, she found some spiritual people and started learning more. She eventually got me interested, but that didn't start until she and I decided to complete change our diet (see the Health page about all of that). As your diet becomes lighter, you become "lighter". The "lighter" you are, the better able you are to grasp the "higher" concepts. This is both literal and figurative, because it all has to do with frequency.

We are all energy beings, and we vibrate at a dominant frequency. There are times when your vibrational frequency is high (such as when you experience something truly wonderful) and when your frequency is low (such as when you experience something truly awful). However, there is an overall, dominant, average frequency at which you vibrate. The higher that that frequency is, the more you will be able to "access" thoughts and experiences that match that same vibrational frequency. If you are predominantly depressed, angry, or vibrate at other such low frequencies, you can only associate with things that also vibrate at such frequencies (other angry thoughts, other angry people, attracting events to yourself that provoke more angry reactions, etc.).

By raising your overall vibrational frequency, you become aware of a whole other universe out there. Once you start to travel down this path of higher and higher vibrational frequencies, you can call yourself "spiritually-aware". It is a fantastic journey, one that I highly recommend.

The rest of this page covers a wide variety of topics as they relate to spirituality. Because I strive to vibrate at higher and higher frequencies, my thoughts about these topics will change over time, and I will try to remember to update them.

Who Are We and Where Do We Come From?

These are very fundamental questions some people ask. If you find yourself asking these questions, you are ready for this spiritual awareness journey. If you are not, then the journey is not for you. Either way is fine, and there is no judgment.

We are all pure energy beings. Beings made of some sort of light energy. We have always existed, and we will always continue to exist. We are part of a "collective". As a collective, we have decided on a few things to keep that same-ness going. For example, most people on this planet are of the "human consciousness" collective. Animals are of the "animal consciousness", and plants are of the "plant consciousness". There are sub-divisions within each of those, of course, but for our discussion here, that is good enough. For example, the plant consciousness has decided that they prefer being stuck to the Earth, so they have roots but no legs. The human consciousness enjoys exploration, so we have legs that allow us to be mobile. Much like a computer needs a quartz crystal to set up a high-frequency rhythm to keep its CPU ticking along, the human consciousness needed a portable ticker to keep us humming along, so we have a heart. The plant, since it is grounded to the Earth, doesn't need a heart, but it ties itself into the frequency of the planet itself. Animals also have some sort of on-board ticker to keep them going.

Religion teaches us that we are only created by God one time on this planet, and we had better make it count. However, the truth is that we are eternal beings, and for some duration of time, we decide to incarnate as a physical human on this planet. Most humans live to about 70 to 80 years of age. Some animal species stay here for only a day or two (insects), while some plants stay here for hundreds of years (large trees). The way I view this is this way. Much like a theatrical play, actors come on the stage, do their song-and-dance, and leave the stage. Once the actor gets off of the stage, he or she is still very much alive, but isn't part of the action going on on the stage anymore. That is pretty much how it goes. Earth, or more correctly, our incarnation on Earth, is like that stage. We are an eternal being; we decide to come to Earth and do our 70-plus-year song-and-dance routine, and then we die (physically), but we continue to be that same eternal being. Some time later, we decide to do that again (it was so much fun the last time!). Each time we incarnate, we choose our parents, the time period we incarnate, what we'd like to learn/experience during this lifetime, etc. As we live our incarnation, we have complete and total freewill, so we can decide to set out what we wanted to learn or experience while here, or we can decide to do something completely different. When we physically die, we have a period of review, where we look at our life, see how we affected others with our presence, and we gain insight and knowledge from that. There is no judgment, no eternal hell, or anything else that our earthly religions teach us.

Spirituality And... Religion

Let's get this thing out of the way first. Religion and spirituality are not the same thing. One can be religious and not spiritual; one can be spiritual and not belong to any religion. Religions are man-made constructs, similar to governments, that are meant to manipulate and control people. People have fears and so they band together to help alleviate those fears. People with desires to control large crowds (in and of itself a manifestation of another fear) take charge of these organizational constructs either freely (via elections) or forcefully (dictators, military coups, etc.). To be able to control large numbers of people, they come up with rules and regulations that each individual within this group must abide by to be considered a member of that group. Humans are social beings, and to be outcast from the group would be a horrible experience to most people, so they are more than willing to give up some of their freedom to be considered a member of that group. The group can be a religion, a work-related organization (e.g. unions), or a country.

All sorts of dogma's and rules are set up. People mindlessly abide by them. Only the spiritually-aware people start to question these associations. You can, of course, choose to be a spiritually-aware and growing person and still be an active participant in the Catholic religion, for example. That is freewill. However, most such people will soon find there to be too much friction between their internal guidance and the rules and restrictions set up by the religion to remain associated with it too long. An association will vibrate at a certain frequency. If your frequency is vibrating much higher than that, you will sense a tremendous amount of friction. It takes personal willpower to decide to dis-associate from that organization so that you can eliminate that friction from life. The less friction, the more peace-of-mind that you will have. That is why you will find people who have become spiritually aware to do "odd" things, like quit their job, quit their church, quit their marriage, even move to another country. They are simply expressing their more free self.

I was born into a Catholic family. During my college years I became a Baptist. I now do not associate with any religion whatsoever. Personally, I would state that religions are a very bad thing, but that could be just my perspective. To each their own. As one spiritual teacher said, "Why would I remain in kindergarten forever?" when asked why she no longer actively participates in her previous religion. My personal experience is only in a Christian religion, so I can only speak from that, but the way I see these religions is that they are still stuck in something that was taught 2,000 years ago. They are still teaching the same old thing, and it is never updated. So many of our societal ills are due to the fact that "spiritually" we are still stuck in that 2,000-year-ago belief system, while technologically we are blasting ahead. What happens because of that disconnect, is that the ability to figure out how to split the atom is discovered, and, as a society, we never asked ourselves if we should do that. So, the completely spiritually-unaware scientists just go ahead and do it, which eventually leads to the atom- and hydrogen-bombs. Similarly, we never asked ourselves if cloning is a good thing, so just because the scientists can do it, they just do. The spiritual aspects of these decisions were never examined, so there was no counter balance to those issues. Asking the horribly-outdated religions for their opinions is neither practical, nor would yield a reasonable conclusion. It would certainly not be something that the scientific community would take as a valid and legitimate viewpoint to be weighed equally.

So, if being spiritually-aware is such a wonderful thing, why aren't there spiritually-aware people running for elections? Why aren't they heading up unions, religions, or countries? The answer is quite simple from a spiritual perspective. Spiritually-aware people vibrate at such a high frequency that they do not and cannot (without the above-mentioned friction) associate with such organizations. The fundamental essence of the whole of existence is love and freedom. Anything that detracts from that is of a lower frequency. Any of these man-made constructs vibrate at lower frequencies.

Spirituality And... Politics

Let's discuss this other heavy-weight. The political system was put in place so that a handful of people could control a large mass. They spread fear and propaganda, so that the individual convinces his- and herself that to resist this system is futile. The system is put in place so that they steal the individual's will to fight. The truth of the matter is quite the opposite, of course. For as long as the masses, in their collective mind, continue to give credence to the politicians and the political system, it will continue to have power and control over them. Here in the United States, we have essentially two political viewpoints, the Democrat and the Republican. Several minor third parties exist, but they never get enough votes in the general elections to have much of an impact on the political system. In Europe, from where I originally hailed, and most other western-type nations (e.g. Australia), they have many political parties. Almost never does any one party get so many votes that they have complete control over the political system. They have to massively compromise in order for them to rule.

I was "politically-aware" at an early age. I was essentially born that way. My parents hardly ever expressed their political views, if they even had any at that time. In Europe you are essentially required to vote. In the U.S. you have the freedom to decide to vote or not. In my early teens I realized that I held a very conservative viewpoint. The word "conservative" requires an explanation, because most people think that that means you are in favor of the status-quo. To me this means that one wants to conserve the freedom that the people have. In the U.S. it means that I fully believe in the U.S. Constitution. It means that everything else that has been fabricated after that is not about enhancing the people's freedom. Now that I am spiritually aware, I believe that I wasn't so much political as that I was spiritual when I was growing up. I saw the injustices that people were doing to take away other people's freedoms. I never saw a political party in Europe that actually espoused individual, personal freedoms and responsibilities. All of Europe is fundamentally socialist; it is just a matter of how far to the left they swing. The politically "right" in Europe has nothing at all to do with the politically "right" we have here in the U.S.; in Europe they tend toward the extremes such as nationalist or Nazi points of view. The "left", however, are very similar between the U.S. and Europe. In Europe they are fractured across various parties, whereas here in the U.S. they are all under the "Democrat" banner. So, ever since I became a naturalized U.S. citizen I have sworn my allegiance to the Republican party. I agreed with about 95% of what they espoused.

So, what happened when I became spiritually aware? At first I noticed that every time someone expressed a political viewpoint that was contrary to my own, my blood pressure would rise, and I would become excited, aggravated, or even angry. This was because of my own internal fears. I was afraid that if the world did indeed all of a sudden switch to where that person's viewpoint was the way the world was, I would be very unhappy. Wanting neither of these emotions to remain within me, I realized that I should do two things: allow the other person to be entitled to his/her point of view, and to realize that the internal friction I felt was my High Self telling me that this is not what I should be thinking about. Politics has a very low-frequency at which it vibrates. It just doesn't feel good anymore to go down that low. So, now I don't think about politics much. I don't get involved in discussions (sometimes I do get side-tracked, and so I have to catch myself, but it is getting better). As I started to dis-associate from the eternal Democrat vs. Republican stalemate, one day I had a very enlightening thought.

Rather than being involved in this back-and-forth about political viewpoints (which very seldom leads one person to convince the other person to switch his or her viewpoint anyway), how about taking a step above that? What if we entertain the idea of not having a government at all? Let that sink in for while. I'll wait... What if there was no government? What if there was no Constitution? What if there were no politicians? Would the country break out in total anarchy? Would there be mass hysteria? Would mobs and gangs rule the world? If you watch those post-apocalyptic movies that have been produced lately, you might think so. However, a government is put into place to control people. It then allows a relatively few people to have incredible power over the masses that they control. What if we take that power away from them? Why do we need them anyway? Why would we bother going to a voting booth to select which of the two or three candidates we want to lord over us? What if in November nobody went out to vote? What would happen?


This concept is not new. It is called "voluntary-ism". The idea is that everything is done voluntarily within society. No one is forced or coerced to do anything that they do not want to do. The concept was born in the Libertarian party within the U.S., but the big difference is that the Libertarian party still wants to maintain a government, albeit a very small one. In a voluntary society there would be absolutely no rules and regulations. There would be no government lording over us. People would be completely free to trade and interact with each other. Legal issues would be resolved within the community by the community. The idea is that you are completely free to do as you please, so long as you do not harm another or his/her possessions.

In the past, before I became spiritually-aware, if I had been presented a thought like that, I would have thought it a great idea, but wholly unobtainable in today's society. However, once I added the spiritual aspect to it, I realized that this no-government system is not only attainable, it is our eventual future! The concept of having no government, no country borders, no propaganda, no mass control, is a very high-frequency idea. It is something that spiritually-aware and freedom-loving people can get their heads around. How far into the future that this will become our reality is entirely dependent on how many people start thinking along those lines. So, by me publishing these thoughts on this web site, and by you being led to read this far, you are now, potentially, one of the people who could start to visualize a world with no governments. It is not that we need to violently overthrow the governments of the world. It is not that we need to start another World War, or kill many of our countrymen. It is simply a concept whose time has come, and it will eventually become an accepted norm. Why in the world do we need to have any entity telling us what we can and cannot do? Are we still 4-year-olds?

The United States has always been a leader, and, I believe, will continue to be one, although not in the way that most people think of it (i.e. an industrial or military power). The United States wasn't founded to be yet another country that manipulated and controlled its people. It was founded based on the principles of freedom. For the first time in human's modern history was there a country where people were free to own property, to do with that property as they pleased. Back in those days, there was no such country on the entire planet. People are always very quick to point out the evil things the U.S. has done over its life, such as slavery. And on the surface, and not looking further than the tip of your nose, this knee-jerk reaction might seem true. However, the United States, at a spiritual level, was founded to establish the possibility of freedom. The United States didn't invent or create slavery; no, the United States shone a light on it, and then did something about it. Slavery has been going on since the beginning of human beings' existence on this planet. Today, slavery is still a real problem, especially when you start looking at how even in the western world we are all slaves still. The real, chains-around-your-neck, kind of slavery was a way of life in Africa. The black people have always been subordinated. The black people in the U.S. like to blame the white person for this, but that is, again, a very short-sighted and uneducated viewpoint. The truth is that black tribal leaders were all too happy to sell their people to the white explorers who landed in Africa, because they would materially benefit from this. At first, they were traded goods and weapons that they didn't have or couldn't manufacture themselves. Later it became money. When these tribal leaders had these items, they could control their tribal underlings that much better. One of the spiritual purposes of the United States was to draw attention to the slavery that had existed in Africa for many millennia. The black people were tired of it and wanted a change. The U.S. was the answer. People didn't like slavery, and, as a human consciousness, over time we accepted the idea that slavery is bad. People being born now already know that inherently. Now, I believe, the U.S. is on the forefront of spiritual awareness. More and more people are becoming spiritually aware and it is spreading. No wars need to be fought, no doctrines preached, no new religion needs to be invented; it is just a natural progression of the human consciousness evolution.

Spirituality And... God

Do I believe in God? No. Not the way that the various religions define and name it. I do not believe that there is some old wise man who watches our every move and judges our acts when we die. This is a concept created by man via their religions to help to manipulate our behaviors. All they have to do is say that God thinks it is a "sin", and they have the submission of millions. I do not believe that there is some singular entity that we must please. I do not believe there is an all-knowing power that we can pray to.

What I do believe is that all energy light beings of all types and species, collectively, as a whole, are what might be the closest, although very limiting, concept of "God". I prefer to call it the "Universe" or "Source". Some call it the "All That Is". It is hard to describe, but easy to conceptualize; it is basically everything that is, has ever been, and will ever be, seen and unseen, all existing at the same time.

Spirituality And... The Soul

It is said, that one should not discuss religion and politics in polite company. So, with those out of the way, let's continue. Shall we? :-)

I believe the soul is the eternal light being that is "you". Your "Higher Self". I believe that for a substantial amount of the time that the soul is evolving, it belongs to a soul consciousness. I do not believe that a human soul can incarnate as a cow in a different lifetime. The species are so vastly different and have such different objectives, at the spiritual level, that it just doesn't make sense. However, should I be enlightened in the future as to that possibility, I'll be glad to amend my statement. One of the things I have learned along the way of my spiritual journey is that it never ends. There is so much to learn, so much new insight to gain, that you can never make the statement "I know it all now!".

I believe that souls are free to incarnate or not. Free to incarnate once or thousands of times. I believe that the Earth is one of the many places where humans can choose to incarnate. More on that below. I believe that as a soul, you are surrounded by other souls that are on a similar journey. Some of those may incarnate with you and show up as members of your family, your friends, your lovers, etc. I believe that a soul has one or more guides available to them when they incarnate. They associate with you depending on what you are trying to accomplish. They do not judge, but only act as advisers, if you wish to consult them (remember, they honor and respect your freewill). Additionally, there may be one or two higher-vibration entities with you at all times that help you with the basics such as not dying before your time, helping you avoid things that do not benefit you, etc. Many call them "Guardian Angels".

You can communicate with them via simple thoughts. You can direct your thoughts to one specific being, or you can just address them all. This may be the closest thing to "prayer" or "meditation". Religions put these complicated rituals around these acts, even going so far as to say that only a priest is worthy to communicate with these beings, and so you must go to that priest to do so. Hogwash! I usually communicate with my Higher Self, but from time to time I specifically address a particular being for a particular question. If you are so inclined, you can find out who specifically is on your "team". I know of at least three specific beings that are helping me.

In addition, I believe each of us have a group of souls that are interested in help us grow. I generally refer to them as my "High Self Committee". These are the beings that you consult before you incarnate. They, along with a special council, will help you decide what time period to incarnate into, your family, etc. Some of those on the High Self Committee can also be your spirit guides. And, to really blow your mind, your soul can be involved in any of these capacities with other souls as well.

Spirituality And... Communicating With Guides

Let's talk about communication. Communication with the spirit beings, and including your High Self (i.e. your soul), is done at a very subtle level. There is no thundering "god" voice, or a "burning bush". It is a very subtle feeling or quiet thought. In today's hectic world, these are so easily missed. This gets people into trouble. That is why a lot of spiritual gurus tell you to meditate. Once you get the thoughts about all the things you still need to do today out of your head (which are based on fear, by the way, and are of a low vibration), you are more susceptible to those soft feelings and quiet voices. Your overall vibrational frequency has to raise in order for you to come closer to the level at which those beings vibrate. You are not there when you are worried about the mortgage bill. At some point in time, as you evolve spiritually, you can be in such a meditative state nearly all day long and you can "hear" these thoughts very clearly. It helps if you can get away from people that vibrate at a lower vibration. That is why a lot of spiritually-aware people tend to move out of the cities, out of offices, out of families, and some even become solitary individuals.

I have always been very intuitive. When I was young I was told that I was too sensitive. This is actually quite common and normal, but most people, in order to fit in, will start to play down their intuitive feelings, even their spiritual "gifts". I never did. However, I was not aware of what it was. One of the things I have always been able to do is to pick up on what other people are feeling. What energy they are radiating. When you are intuitive like that, it feels as if the feelings and thoughts are your own; they feel that strong and close. It wasn't until I was in my late 30s that I realized what this was, so I was always thinking that those were thoughts that I was feeling. I would then respond to those thoughts in the conventional manner, causing problems in my close relationships (work and home).

I have been told to learn to turn it off, but I refuse. Especially now that I understand its purpose, I really don't want to turn it off. However, I have had to deal with being surrounded by very negative people. Their strong thoughts can affect you as an intuitive. It took me years to learn to differentiate my own thoughts from others'. It still catches me off-guard sometimes, especially when I am physically tired. The purpose of such a gift, of course, is to be of help to the other person. If that person seeks spiritual help or guidance, being an intuitive, I can give them real-world practical advise. I bring issues to the foreground that the person may not have been willing to deal with. Also, it gives me insight into the person's "real" meaning behind their words. However, I have to be careful, because sometimes the person him- or herself doesn't know what kind of energy he or she is radiating, and my response may catch them off-guard.

Briefly, and as an aside, the other "abilities" that I have that I am aware of are a "knowing" sensation and the ability see into the future. Sometimes thoughts come to me that I just know to be the truth or correct for the current situation. I may have had no prior experience with the topic. This happens because I tap into the "Universal" mind and get instant feedback. A lot of times this happens because I, myself, or someone else asks me a question. By being in-tune with the larger Mind, you can get quick, good answers. The ability to see into the future is not like a vision or a painting. It is more like an overall trend. As I stated above, the fact that we humans will eventually live without a political government controlling us is one such vision. It is combined with the "knowing" feeling, so I can feel very confident that this is what is going to happen in our near future. Another one such futuristic concept I've had is that more and more people are going to stop eating. As I described in my Health page, this is the concept of breatharianism. People will only live on sunlight, air, and perhaps water. I also believe that all of these things combined will help us to extend the duration of our lifetimes here on Earth. We will eventually see people living healthy into the several hundred years. At this point in time, people should live to an average of 150 years. Anything short of that is a reflection of how they live and view their lives. However, the human body, if properly taken care of, both physically, mentally, and spiritually, should last about 500 years.

So, the above paragraphs were just to describe some real-world experience that I have. The things I sense are so subtle, yet so powerful that I think the energy comes from within me. So it is with communication from the spirit beings. It will feel like it is "just your thoughts", but they aren't. A good way to discern them is whether the overall vibrational feeling is high and positive, or low and negative. Spirit beings are surrounded with love, so it is hard if not impossible for them to have negative energy (there are, however, beings that are of very low frequency, but you cannot associate with them when you are spiritually-aware and growing, which is a positive vibration). So, if the energy is good and positive, it is likely advise from your guides. If the energy is negatively, it is likely your own reactions to your fears.

Spirituality And... Aliens

Do I believe that there are extra-terrestrial aliens in existence? Absolutely. As recent as just a few decades ago, if you had said that, people would have laughed at you. However, as our human consciousness is raising it vibrational frequency, previously held antiquated beliefs are now being replaced by facts. There is just no way, mathematically speaking, that we are the only intelligent life in all of the universe, when you look at the billions of stars that we can see with our space-based telescopes.

As a matter of fact, as I have become even more aware, the universe just keeps unfolding. You learn a bit here, and a bit there. You gain that insight, and then that one. I actually find the real world so much more fascinating than movies or television with their made-up, fantasy stuff. There are so many different beings, races, and species out there. There are some web sites that try to document them all, but it is hard to keep up with. There are evolved beings whose sole purpose is to do nothing but navigate the vast universe looking for previously undiscovered beings. How fascinating is that!?!

Then, open your mind to this concept. Some, actually most, evolved beings live in a different dimension from ours. That is why we cannot physically perceive them. Some have the ability to shift from one dimension to another, while most just live in one dimension. This means that, unless you have the ability to tune into that dimension, you cannot see them (and, optionally, nor they you).

Spirituality And... The Sasquatch

Are you one who doesn't believe in this hoity–toity stuff? Well, how about something more down to earth? The Sasquatch, commonly known as Bigfoot, are very real, physical beings walking around on this planet. They have been sighted in all 50 states of the United States, and are likely all over Canada. Other races of Sasquatch are found in Asia, such as the Yeti, and the Yowie in Australia. They are pretty much all over the world.

The scientists will have us believe that we humans are the top of the food chain on this planet. We are the brightest, most intelligent beings. We are the most "evolved". That is why, when they are presented with contrary evidence, that evidence is ridiculed or it magically disappears, never to be seen again.

The truth is that the Sasquatch, who call themselves "Nurmana" (like we call ourselves "humans"), are very evolved. They are the true top-of-the-foodchain. They have been on planet Earth for a lot longer than we have. The current story as I understand it now is as follows. An extra-terrestrial alien race was having problems with the atmosphere on their planet. They finally figured out how to restore their atmosphere, but it required vast amounts of gold. So, they scoured the star system and eventually found Earth to have many large deposits of gold. When they arrived here, they found that they had a hard time working in our atmosphere (their bodies are frail), and they found that most deposits were buried deep underground. So, they found an alien race that they enslaved and transported to Earth. This race, the Sasquatch as we know them, did not like the idea of doing work for others for nothing in return, and so they became "lazy". The first alien race then decided to use genetics to come up with a different race that they could control and force to work for them. They took their DNA and mixed it with the chimpanzees' DNA. They made the alternate race less strong, and less intelligent, so that they could control them better. This new race was then put to work to mine the gold. When the aliens had the amount of gold they needed, they left Earth and went back home. The new race they created was left to fend for themselves. These are what we now call humans!

No, mister scientist, we did not evolve from the primordial soup of the oceans. No, mister preacher man, we were not created by God as Adam and Eve, and somehow magically reproduced into the various races.

The Sasquatch are a very loving and gentle being. Needless to say, like anyone, they will strike to defend themselves, but they are not hostile. The Sasquatch see no value in technology, so they took the more natural route. They are very in-tune with nature and the Earth. They are also very private, so they don't show themselves. If they do, you'll likely never forget it, because they have a tremendous variety of ways to make you feel not welcome. They don't possess language like we do, because they communicate telepathically. For spiritually-aware people it is actually quite easy to communicate with them. You talk with them much like you talk with your High Self or spirit guides. However, just because the Sasquatch don't use technology and have no language, per-se, they are not mentally-challenged. They fully understand and comprehend the technology we have developed. They know what it is for, so that they know how to avoid it.

They are also very much in tune with their spiritual side. All the gifts that we marvel at in our spiritual gurus, they already possess and use. The reason why they stay out of view and we have such a hard time catching a good photo or video of them (except for the Patterson film), is that they can read our thoughts and intentions long before we come into their space. They don't like guns or dogs. So, if you want to "hunt" for Sasquatch, you must leave both of those behind. However, it goes even deeper than that. They can read your intentions. If you intend to find them so that you can harm or kill them, or in some way materially benefit from finding them, they will hide themselves completely. They have the ability to shift out of our dimension and into another one. One can be standing right next to you and you wouldn't know it. They are also the physically strongest beings on this planet. They can uproot trees and snap them in half with ease. Even though they can be twice our height, they have the ability to run very fast, run on all fours, or make huge leaps in the forests. They don't live in trees, though; they live on the ground, or more than likely underground and in caves. They have loosely affiliated clans. The young ones live with the parents until a certain age and then they are let go, usually moving on to another clan. They are nomadic, although they can live in a certain area for many years. They count their total numbers into the thousands. They live on average for about 2,500 years.

I have always believed in their existence since when I was a little boy growing up in Europe. I just intuitively knew they were real. It wasn't until I grew more on my spiritual path that I became more fully aware of them. They vibrate at a much higher frequency than most humans do. However, for those who have an open mind, a good heart, and above all are not afraid, the Sasquatch will allow the development of a one-on-one relationship. Since these beings are so physically-imposing, humans naturally have a fearful reaction. If we hold on to that fear, they find that offensive. You must approach them with love in your heart. Since they are shy, it takes time to develop a relationship with them. Considering how long they live, this may take a very long time. However, I find it much easier to work with them telepathically. They are then physically safe, and are more willing to come to you. I have had them visit me in my home, but not physically show themselves to me. I just intuitively felt their presence. I must admit that the first couple of times I was scared, but I have been working on releasing that fear.

So, since they are so shy, why do they attempt to make contact with us then? They have been hunted by humans throughout the centuries. The native americans when they arrived pushed them out, and now they are pushed even further due to our expansion. They pretty much live in remote forests. However, they view themselves are our "big brother". The Sasquatch were genetically-engineered by the alien race from a combination of their DNA and a giant lemur (long extinct). This is what gives them their strength and agility. It is the Sasquatch's wish for them and humans to live together harmoniously. Since they vibrate at a higher frequency, they have been patiently waiting for humans as a species to raise their vibrational frequency.

They have been communicating with me, because at some point in my future we will be living together on some property I'll own, where we can be an example of what it is like to live together harmoniously. They want to teach us more about what they know, and help humans as a species to grow more spiritually.

Spirituality And... The Earth

This leads me on to the next topic. The Earth. Scientists believe that the Earth is just a collection of rock that came together some time after the "Big Bang", with friction so hot to give it the molten iron core, and to find its stable orbit around the Sun. The truth is that there was no such thing as the "Big Bang". The physical universe has been in existence for so long, much longer than we can comprehend.

Do you want to go even further into incredulity-land? The Earth, the planets, the Sun, and for that matter, all other planets and stars you see out there are all living beings. They are energy light beings that choose to incarnate as planets, moons, and Suns. They incarnate for an incredible length of time. They are born by the merging of matter, much like a human baby is grown by the merging of the father's sperm and the mother's egg. They live their lives, and then they die, usually by the star exploding, taking the surrounding planets with it, only to be used as matter for other planets and suns to incarnate.

The Earth, as a being, is wanting to raise its vibrational frequency. It can only do that up to a degree. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. So, if the Earth were to raise its vibrational frequency too high, a lot of the beings living on her might die. This, by the way, is the real reason why dinosaurs became extinct; they now incarnate on a completely different planet. The Earth actually loves the human beings (despite what the environmentalists would have you believe). It grows from the experiences we have while living on her. So, for the Earth to be able to raise her vibrational frequency, we as humans have to do the same. There are several factors involved in making this happen. Since about the 1960s, a good number of alien beings have incarnated as humans to help raise the human consciousness' vibrational frequency. These are normal humans, living normal lives (because their soul is using this as an opportunity to grow themselves). The mere presence of these aliens is enough to help raise the frequency. And that is why you see more and more people becoming spiritual aware. You see kids being born that want their parents to feed them a vegetarian diet. You see spiritual concepts being acceptable and automatically adopted without all the resistance. These are the physical evidence that we can see in our daily lives to realize that our vibrational frequency is indeed being raised.

While I am on this topic, let me add that there is no such thing as global warming, global cooling, or global climate control problems. These are all silly ideas dreamed up by those who live off of government and research grants to be able to sustain their lifestyle. Spread fear and reap the benefits! Does the climate change on this planet? Of course, but it has nothing to do with humans or human activity. It has to do with the relative position of the Earth to the Sun, and other influences. Like all living beings, the planets and the Sun go through cycles. These cycles have an impact on our weather. We have such a small impact on this planet. It used to anger me whenever I'd hear those environmentalist wackos talk about global warming. Now it just amuses me on the one hand, and on the other hand I think about how sad it is that those people actually delight and make a living off of spreading fear and angst. How dare they do that to another human being? Pure evil.

(more topics coming soon...)