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Before I got back into model railroading, I spent my free time building cabinets and furniture for our house. I built most of these before I bought my first digital camera, so I don't have many images available.

Home Theater Cabinet

The photo on the right here is of the large home theater cabinet I had built for our living room. The TV was one of the old rear-projection ones that had a large base and sat on the floor. I built a wooden frame around it to make it look like it fit in. The frame was held in place with magnets, so that it was easy to remove and get to the TV, if need be. The doors near the bottom covered drawers (three behind each door) which held our CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes. The home theater components sat on shelves that could be pulled out so that I could get to the wiring in the back. A center speaker was built into the cabinet, and the rest of the shelves were available for my wife's trinkets. The entire cabinet was built out of modular pieces so that we could move the whole thing in case of a move. If I remember correctly, the cabinet was 7 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and 2 feet deep.

Large Desk

I built a very large, solid-wood desk for my home office; one that actually fit me. We still have it, but I am not actually using it because it doesn't physically fit in my current home office. Photo is from when it was in my previous house (the size of the computer monitor should give you an idea of how old this photo is).


I built three solid-wood book cases (shown here on the right). These hold my collection of books and magazines. They have smoked glass in the doors. I think I used the camera's flash to take this photo, but normally you don't really see the content behind the doors, which was the purpose for using the smoked glass.

Livingroom Table

The table was made in a triangular fashion so that it could fit in between two chairs that were positioned slightly facing each other. The entire project was made out of poplar, but the legs were balusters that were cut down to fit the design.

Bathroom Shelf

I made this handy bathroom shelf for additional storage of typical bath room items. The use of surplus glasses made it possible to put toothbrushes, make-up brushes, etc. in the shelf without them rolling off.

Other Projects

Many other woodworking projects such as tools and model railroad-related woodworking projects are covered in the various other sections of this web site.