Model Railroads

Overall Objective
Model, in S-scale, the PRR Chartiers Branch during the summer of 1950 with battery-powered engines.

Recent Web Site Updates:
Feb. 4, 2017:
  Layout area to model decided.
Jan. 18, 2017:
  SAL B7 Finished!
Jan. 15, 2017:
  Starting over!
Dec. 3, 2016:
  Cleaned-up PRR H30 hopper.

Projects Awaiting My Attention:
PRR GLa hoppers (3): painting.
B&O N34 hoppers (2): apply decals.
PRR GLf hoppers (2): painting.
PRR H30 hopper: painting.
Redesign layout modules.

Current Project:
Mar. 14, 2017
: I'm actually having a fun time hand-painting my PRR GLa hopper car, so I started doing portions of all three of them in one session. With some remote guidance from my Dad, I am continuing to work on the design diagrams for the new layout modules.

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