Model Railroads

Overall Objective
Model, in S-scale, the PRR Chartiers Branch during the summer of 1950 with battery-powered engines.

Recent Web Site Updates:
August 13, 2017:
  Tea for dead leaves.
August 12, 2017:
  Adjusting layout plan.
August 9, 2017:
  Fort Pitt Bridge Works built.
July 23, 2017:
  Layout lighting designed.

Projects Awaiting My Attention:
Paint backdrops; build LED lighting.
B&O N34 hoppers (2): apply decals.
Plan track and tipple foundation.
PRR GLf hoppers (2): painting.
PRR H30 hopper: painting.

Current Project:
August 13, 2017
: In studying photos showing the Fort Pitt Bridge Works building, which I recently completed (see the August 9th entry above), I realized that some of the earlier buildings surrounding the mine tipple weren't there anymore in photos from the 1930s and 1940s. I've decided to stick to modeling the summer of 1950, but without those buildings. I am "planting" scenery around the Fort Pitt building.

(click for larger view)
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