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This is a web site owned by Peter Vanvliet. Its primary focus is to document the construction of my model railroad, which is based on the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Chartiers" branch as it existed in the summer of 1924. The models are in S-scale (1:64).

On March 13, 2021 I started a new layout after dismantling my previous one. Everything is the same as before, except for how the framework of the modules is constructed. At the same time, I also completely revised this web site.

You can read the story of my latest module development in the August 2021 issue of The S Scale Resource magazine.

My active project is to build the Pre-Size Model Specialties' Southern Pacific 50-foot box car kit.

One of the reasons for why I don't get much done on my model railroad!

December 17, 2021

I brought back the reformatted S-scale Couplers pages. This week I only managed to get the couplers and trucks installed on the Pre-Size Model Specialties SP box car kit.

December 24, 2021

I am waiting on the arrival of a tool I ordered before I can continue to work on the SP 50-foot box car kit, so this week I spent some time working on improving and continuing to push forward on the CAD drawing for the Hazel Mine coal tipple support structure that I plan on building once the SP car is done. I added some screen captures for the CAD drawing on this page.

December 31, 2021

The battery-powered drill arrived this week, so I have resumed working on the SP 50-foot box car kit, installing the many grab irons.

January 7, 2022

I was able to finalize installing the many grab irons on the SP 50-foot box car kit. I also finished installing the door guides and door stops. Also, this week my Christmas present arrived, which is a set of six American Models passenger cars, my first S-scale passenger cars!

January 14, 2022

I was able to finalize the roof details on the SP 50-foot box car kit. I slightly re-arranged the thumbnails on the Equipment page, and also took the time to photograph the six new passenger cars. I added a set of short articles about how I drill holes in models.