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1920 Tractor

Manufactured by "3D-to-Scale" (model #64-402-GY; the 3000toys.com web site no longer shows it), which is a private brand of the diecast retailer 3000toys.com. Their products are all 3D-printed. Most of the products are S-scale, but they also have some 1:50 scale items. The products are pretty much all geared toward farm modeling. I bought this tractor since I now model 1924. I actually wanted to buy another of 3000toys' products, and to justify the shipping cost, I added this model. This is actually my very first 3D-printed product. It arrives as you see it in the photo.

There are a few strands that need to be cleaned up. Eventually, I will also paint it.

The biggest issue I have with this model is that I have no clue as to which prototype it is based on. One candidate is the Hart Parr tractor. Early Case tractors also seem to match it somewhat. Further research will need to be done.
(external link: Cross Motor Hart Parr Tractors)

The model measures 16' long, 7'9" wide, and 5'8" tall.
(external link: 1938 Case Model C Video)

This photo shows the interesting underside of the model. I don't know if that is how the prototype was, or if this was done as part of the 3D-printing set-up.