Articles - Automobiles (S-scale): 1935 Fire Engine
This is the 75th-anniversary fire truck engine that State Farm commissioned from Crown Premiums. The truck is a nice, basic model. It definitely doesn't belong at the front of the layout, unless some addition work is done. The solid plastic windshield makes it a bit hard to drive this thing! From the back cover of the packaging:

"State Farm began selling fire insurance in 1935 and used a fire hat as its emblem. In 1979 the logo was changed to a fire truck. In 1985, to coincide with the Fire Company's 50th anniversary, State Farm began looking for an authentic fire engine. In 1987 State Farm acquired an antique fire engine that was manufactured in 1935 - the year of the founding of the State Farm Fire Insurance Company. Originally owned and used by the Empire Hook & Ladder Company of Pottstown, Pennsylvania from 1935 to 1982, the fire engine was used by State Farm in parades and special events before retiring it to the Corporate Lobby at State Form Corporate Headquarters in Bloomington, IL, where it now resides."
1935 Fire Engine
There are some molded-in fire hoses in the back. The wheels roll smoothly. Overall, the model seems to be fairly representative of this kind of truck. It scales out to just over 20 feet long, and almost 7-1/2 feet wide.
1935 Fire Engine