Articles - Automobiles (S-scale): 1937 Cord Convertible
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The Auburn Motor Company succumbed to the Great Depression, and so the 1937 Cord was the last one ever made. The car was designed by Duesenberg with a target audience of the well-to-do. These cars were top-of-the-line of their time.

This Ertl Collectibles item is a kit of the car (part number 30301) produced in 2000. The kit was easy to assemble, with no glue required. It took about 15 minutes. This should also make it easy to disassemble it again, should I want to repaint the body.
1937 Cord Convertible
This is a Johnny Lightning 1937 Cord 812 SC convertible. This is part of their Release 7 series (from June 2010). The hood opens to reveal the radiator and engine.
1937 Cord Convertible
I have not been been able to figure out if the rooftop cover comes off. The packaging had a copyright date of 2010 on it. I bought it on eBay.
1937 Cord Convertible