Articles - Automobiles (S-scale): 1948 Ford F-1 Pick Up
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The Ford F-1 was the first in the long-running "F" series. It was produced from 1948 to 1952. It had a 6-1/2-foot bed and was rated as a half-ton truck. The engine was a flathead 6 with 95hp.

This model was produced by Yat Ming, part number 64006. According to Hoquat Hobbies, Yat Ming has stopped producing S-scale trucks. I have not been able to verify the dimensions, but from the overall looks of it, this appears to be a very accurate model. The model's length comes out to 15 feet 8 inches. The driver's side doesn't have an outside mirror. I have seen photos of the truck with two windshield wipers, but the model and the prototype photo shown here both have a single, driver's side windshield wiper (apparently the single windshield wiper was standard, but an upgrade was to have two windshield wipers). The chrome bumpers and grill were accurate for the first year. After that they were painted silver. The wheels are free-rolling and made out of a rubber-like material. The hood opens to reveal the truck's engine.
1948 Ford F-1 Pick Up