Articles - Automobiles (S-scale): 1949 Mercury
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This car has a wheelbase of 118 inches, and an overall length of 206 inches. It had a 110hp V8 engine and manual transmission. Over 120,000 of these two-door cars were sold.

Release 5 of M2's Auto-thentics has two models in it that fit my 1950 layout. This model is of a 1949 two-door Mercury sedan. The doors and hood open. The only issue I found with them is that some of the rubber tires were not on the wheels straight, and they were a bit difficult to get right. The vehicle's overall dimensions are just about spot-on (length is off by one or two scale inches). All-in-all the model appears to be very accurate.
1949 Mercury
I have bought three different colors of this car. However, I want to be careful with having too many Mercurys on my layout, because they were typically owned by people who were more in the upper regions of the middle class, which may not be appropriate for the area I model.
1949 Mercury