Articles - DCC: Digitrax Command Station Reset
When I wanted to start using 4-digit addresses for the decoders, so that the road numbers of the engine match the decoder ID's, I followed the instruction manual of the DT400, and it seemed pretty straight-forward to program the first two engines I tried. However, when I placed the engine on the mainline, pressed the LOCO button on the DT400 (in normal/run mode), entered in the new address, let's say "8512", and pressed the ENTER key on the throttle, the throttle immediately showed "64". The engine, of course, doesn't respond.

For the fun of it, I selected a random 4-digit address in the throttle, and I got the same kind of behavior. In other words, it appeared that my throttle didn't like 4-digit addresses in general.

I posted this message to one of the Yahoo Groups mailing lists, and got the following solution from Al Silverstein. The idea is to reset the command station to the factory defaults. I tried it and it solved my problem. I have been able to select 4-digit addresses ever since. Here are the steps required to reset the command station:

  1. Turn on the DSC100 command station.
  2. On the DCS100, move the "MODE" toggle switch to the "OP" position.
  3. Remove all LocoNet connections from the DCS100.
  4. Plug in a DT400/300 throttle into either "A" or "B" LocoNet socket.
  5. Press the "SWCH" button on the throttle.
  6. Press the #3 button followed by the #9 button on the throttle.
  7. Press the "CLOC/c" key on the throttle.
  8. The command station will beep.
  9. Move the "MODE" toggle switch to "RUN" position.
  10. Remove your throttle and reconnect your LocoNet cables to the DCS100.
  11. Shut down power to the command station (rebooting it).
  12. Wait a few seconds.
  13. Turn everything on and the system should work fine again.

This has happened to me twice now, and both times it solved the problem.