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First LED Strip


I have tried several different lighting approaches over the years, such as fluorescent lightbulbs and various LED lights. In 2013 I bought my first 16-foot LED strip to test and try out. At that time I had a portion of my then layout in the closet of the room, and it was dark in there. So, I attached the strip to the underside of the closet's door frame (the bi-fold doors had been removed), using the sticky-tape that is on the back of those strips. I had my doubts about that adhesive, and, sure enough, after about two weeks, little by little the LED strip started coming loose. The main culprit is the simple fact that the LEDs get hot, and effectively melt the glue. So, I found this L-shaped piece of wooden trim, cut it to fit the closet door's opening, and glued the strip to it using 5-minute epoxy. I then used heavy-duty double-sided tape to mount this wooden trim to the top of the door frame. This worked great, and really lit up the closet area.