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Model Information


The model of #5912 was by S-Helper Service, Inc., part number 01563. The engine came pre-installed with a SoundTraxx Tsunami TSU-1000 Digital Sound Decoder for EMD 567 prime movers (product ID 827101). S-Helper Service (SHS) fully programmed the decoder, and it is ready to go right out of the box. The only thing I have done to the model, as shown here, is replaced the AF couplers with S-Helper Service's scale couplers, and replaced the wheelsets with the scale ones.

The box includes a manual for SHS switchers, the original Tsunami packaging, four scale wheels, two SHS scale couplers, two extra pair of different style smokestacks, extra screws, extra wheel wipers, and two MU pilots with walkways (although the PRR's NW2s were never MU'd). I placed the engine on some test track when I received it and it responded right away. The sound is fantastic and very authentic. The engine crept along. The LED headlights are directional, and the interior cab light can be controlled separately. There are two crewmen inside. The engine weighs a hefty one pound, 4.6 oz (582g). The model is extremely accurate. The only minor issue I found was that the "r" is missing from the "Danger 600 volts" decal.