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Des Plaines Hobbies is a full-service hobby store in Illinois. They are one of the few stores in the country that carry a wide selection of S-scale products. In addition to their own line of S-scale products, they have also bought the "S Scale America" and "Pacific Rail Shops" product lines. Below are some of the parts I have bought from them.

The photos below are of the S-scale decals set, part #PRR7, for X37, X37b, X43a, X43c, and X46 box cars.
S Scale America
The package comes with two sheets of paper, one indicating where decals are to be placed for the PRR X43a and one for both the X37a and X37b classes.
S Scale America S Scale America
An attempt at photographing the decals themselves.
S Scale America
This product line is now owned by Des Plaines Hobbies.

S-scale part #169 four sets of windshield wipers for locomotives.
S Scale America
S-scale part #399 is ten pair of air hoses made out of a flexible plastic.
S Scale America