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Jim King produces fantastic resin freight cars and locomotives, but he also makes available detailing parts, especially those that are part of a larger project.

S-scale part #64-DP-001 stirrup steps (six per sprue; several sprues shown). Tried as I may, I was unable to use these. The problem is that the stirrups are next to impossible to remove from the sprue. They are more delicate than the sprue, which means that any kind of cutting attempt will tend to put the force on the stirrup part rather than the sprue, meaning that they easily break. I used all sorts of tools to try to remove them and was completely unsuccessful. The couple that I did manage to cut loose without too much damage proved to be impossible to remove the remaining bits of the sprue. The material from which these castings are made leaves the stirrups somewhat flexible. Although that may be useful in terms of greatly improving the chances of these parts surviving when the car is in operation, it made it impossible to file, trim, or cut the stirrups clean.
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