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The diagram below is one I created to help me figure out how the Pennsylvania Railroad was formed and how it was split up during and after the merger. The PRR introduced many innovations to railroading, including air conditioning, electrification, and the practice of loading truck-trailers on flat cars (which we now see in the form of intermodal transportation). The current keeper of all things PRR is the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society (PRRT&HS), which produces a very high-quality quarterly magazine. They also produce a quarterly online modeling magazine (digital PDF file only), called The Keystone Modeler. I am a member of this society.
PRR General Info & Links

Pennsylvania Railroad Structures

Pennsylvania Railroad Stations
Pennsylvania Railroad Operation and Signaling
PRR Signal Standard Plans
Standard Drawings
The PRR Telephone System

Pennsylvania Railroad Maps

List of main and branch lines east of Pittsburgh
List of main and branch lines west of Pittsburgh
Modern Maps for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Railroad Museums

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (see my photos taken at this museum in the Library, Photo Album section of my web site).

PRR Restoration Projects

Juniata Terminal Company
Pennsy Railcar Restorations, LLC.

PRR Documents

Standard Drawings
PRR Documents
Altoona Works
"Modern Power" brochure

Pennsylvania Photo Albums

Hagley Digital Archives
Industrial Heartland in Pennsylvania
Railcar Photos
PRR Memories

Online Videos

"Progress on the Rails" - Pennsylvania RailRoad 1952 - Train Publicity Film
Old Pennsylvania Railroad Films
Video with lots of PRR equipment

Miscellaneous Items

PRR Clearance Car
Paintings by Bob Frascella (models the PRR in S-scale)